• Screen protector UV curing machine
  • Screen protector UV curing machine
  • Screen protector UV curing machine
  • Screen protector UV curing machine
  • Screen protector UV curing machine

Screen protector UV curing machine

Mietubl screen protector UV curing machine is special design to work with UV screen protector and UV curing films. It is compact and easy to use.

Capacity :
Monthly 5,000 sets
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Screen protector UV curing machine Introduction

What is the UV curing machine used for?

The UV curing machine is used to install and cure screen protectors. To generate vacuum negative pressure by a strong vacuum pump, the machine can firmly glue the screen protector on the cellphone. UV irradiation function can be used to shape the screen protector and improve scratch resistance.

UV curing machine

No more need to worry about bubbles

Through the atmospheric pressure generated inside the machine, bubbles between the screen can be eliminated. And make the screen protector fit tightly to the curved edge.

Vacuum UV Curing Machine

Multifunction and efficient

The machine has 36 built-in high-power UV lamps, and the comprehensive coverage allows the UV glue to cure quickly.

Screen protector curing machine

Built-in timing function

The UV curing machine has built-in timing functions of 60s, 120s, and 180s, which can meet the needs of materials with different thicknesses.

Screen protector UV curing machine

Small size and easy to carry

The suitcase design is compact and lightweight, making it very easy to carry.

Small in size
Screen protector UV curing machine Specification
MaterialABS plastic + electronic components
Size&281 mm * 214 mm * 84.5 mm
Packing size326 mm * 289 mm * 133 mm
Weight1.25 kg
Place of originalGuangzhou China
CertifiedCE, FCC
InputAD/DC 24V / 2A
Power23~36 W
Number of UV lamps36
UV wavelength365 μm
Number of Sterilization Lamps3
FeaturesVacuum + UV curing + sterilization
Packing listPower cord、 instruction manual
Can this machine be used on other materials besides UV curing screen protectors?2022-05-03 17:58:41
No, the UV curing screen protector uses special light sensitive material. After curing by the machine, the surface scratch resistance improved because of the chemical reaction. Ordinary materials are not insensitive to UV light, so the hardness of the product will not change.
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