• Privacy computer monitor screen protector
  • Privacy computer monitor screen protector
  • Privacy computer monitor screen protector
  • Privacy computer monitor screen protector

Privacy computer monitor screen protector

Mietubl privacy computer monitor screen protector is ideal for protecting your privacy away from unfriendly peeping eyes, isolate blue light to reduce the visual fatigue of long-term computer use.

Capacity :
Monthly 8,000,000 pieces
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Privacy computer monitor screen protector Introduction

Privacy computer monitor screen protector

Privacy computer monitor screen protector is designed to protect your computer screen from scratches, smudges, and other types of damage. The privacy computer monitor screen protector will also block the view of anyone who is not directly in front of it.Therefore,it is a great way to provide privacy protection for your personal information.

Privacy computer monitor screen protector

Clear from the front view

Although this screen protector solates peeping eyes from the side, it will not affect the use of frontal users. You can still use the computer as usual.

Privacy screen protector

Block harmful lights

During the 8 hours of the working day, you spend most of your time sitting in front of the computer, suffering the harsh light from the computer. The privacy PC screen protector can not only protect your privacy, but also effectively block the light that is harmful to the eyes direct from the screen, reduce visual fatigue caused by long-term computer use.

PC screen protector

Easy to install

Sometimes you need privacy, sometimes you don't. This privacy screen protector has a hanging design, easy to install and use. If you don’t want to use it anymore you can easily remove it.

How to install a privacy PC screen protector
How can I install the privacy monitor screen protector?2023-07-26 15:53:47
You don't need any tools to install the privacy monitor screen protector, just hang it on the screen, and take it away when you no longer want to use it, it can be repeatedly in use without damaging the computer screen.
Will the monitor screen protector affect screen clarity or color?2023-07-26 15:39:06
Yes, privacy screen protectors can slightly darken the screen and may slightly alter the color perception. This is due to the micro-louvers technology that is used to block side views. However, the impact on clarity and color is generally minimal and many users do not find it to be a significant issue.
How does the privacy monitor screen protector work?2023-07-26 15:29:02

The privacy screen protector uses a technology known as "micro-louvers". These are microscopic vertical blinds that are built into the screen protector. When viewed from the front, the louvers are invisible, and the screen appears as normal. But when viewed from an angle, the louvers block the screen, making it appear dark.

What's privacy screen protectors?2023-03-19 12:42:35

A privacy screen protector is a type of screen protector for electronic devices, such as smartphones, laptops, or tablets, that is designed to prevent other people from being able to view the contents of your screen from an angle.

Privacy screen protectors typically work by using a polarized film or microscopic louver technology that blocks the visibility of the screen from angles other than straight-on. This makes it difficult for anyone sitting beside or behind you to see what you're doing on your device, ensuring your privacy and reducing the risk of others seeing sensitive information, such as passwords, personal messages, or financial details.

Privacy screen protectors are especially useful for people who use their devices in public places or in crowded areas, as they can help protect against "shoulder surfing" or other types of visual hacking. They are available in a range of sizes and shapes to fit different devices, and can be easily installed like regular screen protectors.

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