Screen protector cutting machine

Mietubl on demand screen protector cutting machine is for on demand cutting screen protector, mobile phone back skin, lens protector, tablet screen guard as well as smartwatch protector .

Make it easier to use

We take "Make it easier to use" as our aim. You only need to select the model in the 5 inches touch screen, and then click the "cutting" for making one screen protector.

5inTouch screen
Screen protector cutting machine touch screen

Why you need a screen protector cutting machine

Permanent free cutting

Unlike others on the market, our smart film cutting machines has no limit on the cutting times, which means you don’t need to buy credit to use the machine.


Cheap in film price, reducing investment and inventory, especially suitable for mobile phone repair chain stores and new beginners

Massive cloud data

The screen protector making machine has numerous model data, all data can be updated synchronously through online, you can get the latest model at the first time, take advantage of business.

screen protector cutting machine

One machine for all solutions

In addition to mobile phone screen protectors, the intelligent screen protector cutting machine can also be used to cut screen protector for smart wearable device and tablet, like iWatch,iPad ect.

applicable device

Global mobile phone models all in one

Cloud database with more than 23,000 mobile phone models, and keep updating. You can enjoy the convenience we provide for you, by connecting the machine to internet.

screen protector cutting machine clouddat

Precise technology

Intelligent screen protector cutting machine can be used for raw materials of different thickness.

High-precision physical cutting knife, up to 0.1mm cutting accuracy.

4 cutting pressure levers, the pressure can be adjusted digitally.

How to replace the knife

(Note: We have set it up for you)

Intelligent screen protector cutter
Press the thimble and replace the cutter
Rotate to control cutting thickness
Firmly fixed

One-stop service

We provide a variety of functional films as well as the screen protector cutting machine. Including HD clear film, anti blue-ray film, matte film and privacy films, all of which with a favorable price.

The smaller normal size of cutting film for screen protector cutter is 18 cm * 12 cm. The larger one is 30 cm * 20 cm support cutting of tablet screen protectors.

We provide back film with hundreds of patterns and textures as well as the transparent front film. You are able to satisfy your customers with both screen protector and mobile phone back cover. If you want to know details about these back film please refer to mobile phone skin with pattern, texture and embossed or leave us a message.

You can follow the link to see How to install the screen Protector.

Consumables film Consumables film
Screen protector cutting machine package

Explosion-proof materials

All transparent front film use Multi-layer structure,can automatically repair scratches.

1:50U PET protective layer

2:HD NTPU layer

3:Silicone layer

4:Release layer

PET protective layer HD TPU layer Silicone layer Release layer
Intelligent screen protector cutting machine accessory


Control panel 5 inch color LCD capacitive screen
Network 802.11n Wireless LAN
Input 100-240V 1.5A 50-60Hz
Output 24V 2A DC
Power 60W
Multilingual support Chinese, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian, German, French, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Japanese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Korean, Malay, Thai, Ukrainian
Size 530*220*174mm
Weight 6.0kg
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