Screen protector cutting machine

The updating of electronic products is so rapid that it is difficult for business operators to get the latest screen protector.

Mietubl on demand screen protector cutting machine is for on demand cutting screen protector, mobile phone back skin, lens protector, tablet screen guard as well as smartwatch protector.

Screen protector cutting machine

Why you need a screen protector cutting machine

Reduced inventory trouble

Through the intelligent film cutting machine, you can quickly make the screen protector whenever you need it, meet the needs of screen protectors and personalized back films at the same time, which will boost your business.


Cheap in film price, reducing investment and inventory, especially suitable for mobile phone repair chain stores and new beginners

Hot selling products

More than 10 million cutting records, an average of one new cutting record every second, the highest cutting record of a single machine exceeds 30,000 times.

Screen protector cutting machine

One machine for all solutions

In addition to mobile phone screen protectors, the intelligent screen protector cutting machine can also be used to cut screen protector for smart wearable device and tablet, like iWatch,iPad ect.

applicable device

Global mobile phone models all in one

Cloud database with more than 23,000 mobile phone models and keep updating.

You can enjoy the convenience we provide for you, by connecting the machine to internet.

Screen protector machine
screen protector machine

Free to use,no limit on the cutting credits

We are committed to creating higher benefits for users, and the smart screen protector cutting machines are free to use. There is neither use time limit nor tied to the cutting material, so you can enjoy full freedom to use our machines and improve your business.

Make your own back film pattern

The personalized back film customization function allows you to have your own back film pattern. You can connect your smart film cutting machine with your computer and printer. Print out any pattern you like in real time. Make it into your own back film.

We also provide these blank films for printing. Welcome to contact us for information about these products.

Note that in order to enable this feature, you also need to purchase a dongle, which is sold separately.

Back films
Hydrogel screen protector sheets

One-stop service

We provide a variety of functional films as well as the screen protector cutting machine. Including HD clear film, anti blue-ray film, matte film and privacy films, all of which with a favorable price.

We provide two different specifications of materials 180 mm*120 mm and 200mm*300 mm. For other specifications, please contact our sales agent.

We provide back film with hundreds of patterns and textures as well as the transparent front film. You are able to satisfy your customers with both screen protector and mobile phone back cover.

Screen protector cutting machine models

Intelligent screen protector machine series

MTB-CUT180T Screen Protector Cutting Machine


MTB-CUT180A mobile phone skin cutting machine


MTB-CUT M188 Screen Protector Cutting Machine


MTB-CUT 180AL Screen Protector Cutting Machine


Maximum cutting size 13 inches 10.5 inches 10.5 inches 16 inches
Computer connection
(Own templates support)
Back film customization
Mobile phone APP
WIFI 2.4G/5G 2.4G 2.4G 2.4G
Pressure adjustment
(More materials support)
Cable interface
Management system support
Cutting record statistics
OEM support
Off-line templates storage
Auto feeding
Size notice
More details More details More details More details
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