Screen protector machine
Screen protector machine
Screen protector machine
Screen protector machine
Screen protector machine
Screen protector machine
Screen protector machine
Screen protector machine
Screen protector machine
Screen protector machine
Screen protector machine
Screen protector machine

Screen protector machine

Mietubl screen protector machine is hot selling in 2021,the screen protector printer is suitable for various types of mobile phone front film, back film and tablet protectors,factory direct to distributor all over the world.

Screen protector machine

Mietubl screen protector machine on demand cutting screen protector and back films for all cellphone brands, Self-developed operating system, cloud database, keep updating every day.

screen protector machine

Self-developed cloud system

The MTB-CUT180A and MTB-CUT180T screen protector machine are all basic on our self-developed cloud system. This means that you do not need to worry about service suspension and after-sales service issues.

screen protector machine

HD touch screen,easy to operate

The MTB-CUT180T screen protector have a premium quality HD screen protector. You can complete all operations through the 6-inch large screen.

Large memory combined with an upgraded operating system, make it able for the machine to process numerous template data. you can upgrade the machine to meet huge data processing needs in the future.

screen protector plotter machine

Suitable for large screen protector

4 adjustable wheels and upgraded pressure bars can hold the raw material firmly, and has a larger cutting area, make it able for the machine to cut larger screen protectors, like iPad screen protectors.

screen protector plotter

Timely data updates for free

An important reason for you to use a screen protector machine is that you will not need to wait a long time before you get new screen protectors. When the new mobile phone is on sale.

Our technical team keep collecting brand new models every day, and update them to our database in the first time, So that you can grasp business opportunities in the shortest time.

And all upgrades are free, whether it is software or templates.

Mobile phone screen protector making machine

Built-in statistics function

The built-in cutting data statistics function will be helpful to you. if you want to know which is the most popular mobile phone and optimize your inventory. You can also discover the changes in your sales through daily, weekly, and monthly statistics.

screen protector plotter machine

One-stop service

We provide a one-piece service for the screen protector machine, both in terms of technology and raw materials. Our skilled technical colleagues will provide you with all the support from pre-sales to after-sales. Even if you are new to the machine, you can master it quickly.

When it comes to the raw material, we offer various protective films , back films and cutting blade as well as the smart screen protector machine, all of which are with an attractive price, to increase your profitability. Welcome to contact our agent for more details.

screen protector plotter
ModelMTB-CUT180T screen protector machine
DriverHigh torque motor, micro-step subdivision drive
Screen6 inches, 1920×1080 dpi
Maximum feed width320 mm
Maximum cutting width210 mm
Maximum cutting thickness0.7 mm
Pressure1-999 (digital adjustment)
Cutting speed1-500 (digital adjustment)
Accuracy0.05 mm
Repeatability0.1mm/2 times (200×200 mm)
BladeCarbide steel knife
Power adapterinput: 100-240V~50/60HZ, 1.5A; output: 24V/2A
Power48VA Max
Packing size600×295×310 mm
Weight7.8 KG
Is this machine laser cutter?2021/7/6 19:33:58

No, it's cut with a blade, and unlike laser cutting, it's very safe, noise-free, pollution-free. You can rest assured in some places to use, such as shopping malls, home and so on.

Do I need to pay for the software upgrade2021/7/6 19:33:29

No, the software upgrade is free.New model data updates are also free of charge.

What kind of film does the intelligent film cutting machine used?2021/7/6 19:32:35
The screen protector used in the intelligent film cutting machine is hydrogel screen protectors, which is generally made of TPU/PET material. According to different functions, it can be divided into high-definition screen protector, privacy screen protector, explosion-proof screen protector, matte screen protector and anti-blue screen protector.
What is the difference between your screen protector machine and others?2021/7/14 17:26:19

There are some certain advantage of our screen protector machine.

1. There is no limit on the cutting times,that means you don't need to pay for each cut;

2. Double motors, strong cutting power;

3. Adjustable cutting pressure and speed that means you can cut materials from different companies on the machine;

4. Feature with a 6-inch HD screen, easy to operate;

5. Self-developed cloud system, timely data update;

6. Through the newly added back film pattern customization function, you can print your own back film pattern;

7. As a source factory for machines and cutting materials, we can provide you with low-price and high-quality products.

What kinds of screen protectors do you have for the machine2021/3/30 16:25:54

By now we have five type of raw material for the screen protector machine.

1.HD clear films, The HD clear film are one of the most popular films in the market, it provides a high clear watching experience, there is a coating on the surface that keeps it a long-lasting anti-fingerprint ability. All slight scratch will automatically recover.

2 Matte screen protectors

If you are a game lover, you will undoubtedly like this kind of product. The matte screen protector features not reflecting surface. The grooves on the surface can form a unique touch feeling, and it is not easy to leave traces and fingerprints

3.Anti blue-ray films

The anti blue-ray films is perfect for cellphone heavy users, the functional screen protector blocks harmful lights in the 400-430 nm band. And still keep it a high clear picture. The screen protector will relieve visual fatigue in the long term use of cellphone

4 Privacy films

It is very important to protect your personal information from prying eyes when using your mobile phone in public. And the privacy films will do this favor, the privacy films keep a certain visual angle, you can only see the screen from the front, and those sitting next to you can only see the black screen.

5 Anti blue-ray & matte films

The Anti blue-ray & matte films has both characteristics of anti-blue film and matte film and thinner than tempered glass screen protector, and slight scratches can be automatically repaired by itsel.

Is there a limit on the number of in your film cutting machine?2021/10/9 12:18:47

No, our screen protector cutting machine can be used for permanently free and is not bound to any material. You can use materials from any company.

Do you also provide material for the screen protector cutting machine?2021/10/9 12:11:24

Yes, in addition to the machine, we also provide various types of screen protector cutting materials, including HD , privacy , matte, Anti-blue ray, explosion-proof and back films with various patterned. All of which have favorable prices. You can order these products according to your needs.

Is your machine a laser screen protector cutting machine2020/8/17 12:00:16

Different from laser cutting machine, our screen protector cutting machine is physical cutting machine,and it will not cause unpleasant gases and pollutants.

Is there a limit on the thickness that the screen protector cutting machine can cut2020/12/29 12:51:36

By adjusting the scale of the cutter, our screen protector cutter can be used for cutting materials with different thicknesses.

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