• Magnetic privacy screen protector for MacBook
  • Magnetic privacy screen protector for MacBook
  • Magnetic privacy screen protector for MacBook
  • Magnetic privacy screen protector for MacBook
  • Magnetic privacy screen protector for MacBook

Magnetic privacy screen protector for MacBook

Mietubl magnetic privacy screen protector for MacBook, easy to install, keep you away from information theft at anytime,anywhere

Capacity :
Monthly 8,000,000 pieces
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Magnetic privacy screen protector for MacBook Introduction

Privacy screen protector with magnetic

In the open office environment / entertainment / living environment, privacy is always easy to be pried.

Information content, financial statements, customer data, etc., all are exposed. Thus, the screen privacy film with magnetic produced by Mietubl provides comprehensive privacy protection, scratch-proof and abrasion resistance.

Privacy screen protector with magnetic

Privacy effects

45° privacy angle view, clear front side, lateral border privacy, full screen coverage.

So that the information displayed on the screen is for the user to read in the front, no one can watch from the side.Privacy essential for every computer to prevent privacy leakage.

45° Privacy effects

Easy to install

Magnetic surface made of silica gel,easy to take off, can be used repeatedly, high utilization rate, cost-effective, the professional magnetic strip will automatically adsorb on the computer screen, complete the fitting in one second.

Will not waste any more protective film because of don't know how to install it.

Easy to install
Magnetic privacy screen protector for MacBook Specification
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China
Feature:Anti-scratch, privacy, waterproof
ApplicableFor MacBook screen protector
Thickness:0.12 mm
Package:Portable mobile packaging
Lead time7-15 Days

How does the privacy monitor screen protector work?2023-07-26 15:29:02

The privacy screen protector uses a technology known as "micro-louvers". These are microscopic vertical blinds that are built into the screen protector. When viewed from the front, the louvers are invisible, and the screen appears as normal. But when viewed from an angle, the louvers block the screen, making it appear dark.

What's privacy screen protectors?2023-03-19 12:42:35

A privacy screen protector is a type of screen protector for electronic devices, such as smartphones, laptops, or tablets, that is designed to prevent other people from being able to view the contents of your screen from an angle.

Privacy screen protectors typically work by using a polarized film or microscopic louver technology that blocks the visibility of the screen from angles other than straight-on. This makes it difficult for anyone sitting beside or behind you to see what you're doing on your device, ensuring your privacy and reducing the risk of others seeing sensitive information, such as passwords, personal messages, or financial details.

Privacy screen protectors are especially useful for people who use their devices in public places or in crowded areas, as they can help protect against "shoulder surfing" or other types of visual hacking. They are available in a range of sizes and shapes to fit different devices, and can be easily installed like regular screen protectors.

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