• 5A 60W Type-C to Type-C fast charging cable
  • 5A 60W Type-C to Type-C fast charging cable
  • 5A 60W Type-C to Type-C fast charging cable
  • 5A 60W Type-C to Type-C fast charging cable

5A 60W Type-C to Type-C fast charging cable

Mietubl 5A 60W Type-c to Type-c fast charging cable, support fast charging laptops with Type-C interface, compatible with Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo mobilephones .

Lightning Micro-USB TYPE-C
Data cable
Picture Specification
Micro USB to TYPE CMicro USB to TYPE C
Type C to Type CType C to Type C
Type C to LightningType C to Lightning
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5A 60W Type-C to Type-C fast charging cable Introduction
5A60W charging cableType-C to Type-C charging cableMobile phone brands supported5A charging cable chipsBreakage-resistant designFast charging cableType-C fast charging cableCharging interface
5A 60W Type-C to Type-C fast charging cable Specification
Name5A 60W Type-C to Type-C fast charging cable
PortMicro USB to Type C / TYPE C to TYPE C /TYPE C to Lightning
Maximum current5A
FeaturesSupport 5A60W fast charging, smart charging protection
MaterialEnvironmentally friendly TPE + aluminum shell
Length1000 mm
Net Weight24g
Packing size95*95*18(mm)
Packing weight36.5g
Qty250 pieces/ Carton,10.6 Kg
Carton size650*450*330(mm)
Warranty12 months
Are your mobile phone data cables durable?2023-03-19 14:14:34
 Yes, our data cables are built to last with high-quality materials that resist wear and tear. They are come with reinforced connectors to prevent breakage.
What devices are compatible with these data cables?2023-03-19 14:07:51
Our data cables are compatible with a wide range of devices, including iPhones, Androids, tablets, and other smartphones.
Is the 5A fast charging cable the same as the 2A?2022-11-26 17:23:29

No, the 2A charging cable only supports up to 2A power charging, which is still low during charging. The 5A fast charging cable supports a maximum input current of 5A, the input currents are different, which result in a different charging speed.

Will 5A fast charging cable harmful to the mobile phone battery?2022-11-26 16:20:06

If the phone is designed to use the 5a fast charging cable, it will not be harmful to the battery. If the mobile phone only supports the input current of 2A or 4.5A at most, it may cause harm to the battery. Therefore, try to use a data cable that meets the requirements of the mobile phone, and do not use a fast charging cable with high voltage or current.

Will 5A fast charging cable work on all phones?2022-11-26 16:11:22

The current of the 5A fast charging cable can reach up to 5A when charging. Different mobile phone brands support different charging power, and the fast charging cables used are also different. Not all mobile phone can use the 5A fast charging cable. It depends on the fast charging protocol and power the mobile phone supports. For example, some Huawei mobile phones only support fast charging such as 5V/4.5A and 9V/2A, so it cannot be supported by 5A fast charging cable.

What is 5A fast charging?2022-11-26 15:30:19

The common currents are 5A, 3A, 2A, etc. The 5A fast charging cable means that the input current can reach up to 5A. 5A belongs to high current charging, which can make the charging speed faster, the charging power of 5A fast charging cable depends on the voltage during charging.

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