Are iPhones 15 switching to USB-C port?

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  • 2023-08-08 19:57:43
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The Lightning port has been featured on iPhone for 10 years, even though the port has severely hindered the data transmission and charging speed of the iPhone, Apple has not shown any willingness to upgrade the interface before. Until 2022, the European Union passed mandatory regulations, announcing that it would standardize charging ports by 2024, which finally forced Apple to upgrade to the USB-C interface.Rumors support that the change will start from iPhone 15 series.

Switching to USB-C port will be a historic reform and update, meaning that iPhone and Android may establish a common mobile phone charging cable. 

For many users, this is good news, as the USB-C interface has many advantages, such as faster transmission speeds, greater data transfer capabilities, and better charging efficiency.

Lightning cable

Lightning port charging cable

Compared to the Lightning interface, the Type-C charging interface has more advantages. The Lightning cable has a higher delay, with a theoretical maximum charging power of only 45W, the Lightning port is not friendly to the new fast charging technology. By switching to USB-C port, the iPhone 15 can not only achieve USB 3.1 specs with a rate of up to 10Gbps, but also handle higher charging power.

However, this news also brings some problems, the most prominent of which is: do users need to repurchase charging cables?

If you already have some USB-C cables, then you can continue to use them without any extra purchase. However, if you only have Lightning cables, Despite Lightning cables can still be used for charging and data transmission on iPhone 15., you need to buy a USB-C to Lightning adapter due to the different physical forms of the USB-C and Lightning interfaces, to enjoy these advantages, it is worthwhile to take the action;

USB-C charging cable

USB-C charging cable

It is worth noting that, even switch to USB-C port, Insider sources support Apple still has no plans to abandon MFI certification. Encrypted USB-C interface designs will be used in the iPhone 15 series, and has already started to produce dedicated data cables. If consumers use data cables from Android phones, they will not be able to transfer data, and they will only be able to perform primary slow charging.

We can also look forward to which products Apple will use the USB-C interface on in the future, which will bring us more convenience and fun.