What makes screen protectors stick?

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  • 2022-02-17 13:51:46
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Unlike ordinary plastic screen protectors, tempered glass screen protector can’t be electrostatically adsorbed on the cellphone screen, it needs a thin layer of AB glue to stick. The AB glue is also the core technology of tempered glass screen protector except glass material. Which directly affect the installation and exhaust effect of the product. Thus, AB glue is also one of the most important factors to distinguish the quality of tempered glass screen protectors.

What is AB glue?

AB glue is based on PET, with acrylic glue on one side and silica gel on the other side. The acrylic glue is fitted to the tempered glass, while silica gel has excellent exhaust performance, it is used to stick the screen protector to the surface of the mobile phone, to make the screen protector easier to install.

According to application requirements, the thickness of the AB adhesive layer is generally about 0.1 mm-0.38 mm. The more thickness of the layer, the better the exhaust effect, but that is not to say the thicker layer, the better. Too much adhesive will also cause the glue to overflow from the edges, and once the whole thickness of the adhesive layer and tempered glass exceeds 0.6 mm. Operate sensitivity will be affected. Due to the differences in various phone plate and tempered glass, AB glue needs fine adjustment according to phone model.

What’s more, the AB glue used for the mobile phone tempered film also needs to meet the basic optical grade requirements, such as >90% light transmittance, no dirt with a diameter >0.2 mm, etc.

Tempered glass screen protector

How to distinguish the quality of screen protector AB glue

Install and check is the most effective way to distinguish the quality of screen protector AB glue. Now, most high-quality AB glue products on the market comes from Japan and South Korea.

Those screen protector using high-quality AB glue can be quickly attached during the lamination process, and the air between the tempered glass and screen will be discharged fast, neither glue will overflow nor white edges at the edges. Even unprofessional general consumers, can easily apply it. While those screen protector using poor AB glue exhaust speed is slow, it cannot be fitted, and there will be white lines and bubbles, which can’t be removed no matter how.

However, with the improvement of technology, the quality of AB glue products from China has also been significantly improved except from imported products, and the price is more favorable.

A tempered glass screen protector has to go through many complicated steps and complex technologies in the whole process from research and development, material selection, to production and manufacturing. Although AB glue accounts for about 16% of the cost of the entire tempered glass film product, it plays the crucial performance characterization, it directly affects the performance of the entire tempered glass screen protector product line.