What's the difference between plastic and tempered glass screen protector

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The mobile phone screen protector on the market can mainly divide into two categories PET screen protector and tempered screen protector. The structures of these two kinds of films are quite different. What's the difference between plastic and tempered glass screen protector? Let’s first take a look at the structure of the plastic film for mobile phones.

There are generally three layers in a PET screen protector, first a layer of release film, the middle layer is PET protective film, and then another layer of release film. Only the middle pet protective screen protector is for screen protective use. The external release film is to prevent the PET film from being stained with dust.

Structure of PET screen protector

Tempered glass screen protector is generally consisted by 4 layers.the first layer is special coating; the second layer is tempered glass; the third layer is explosion-proof film; the fourth layer is silica gel coating.

Structure of tempered screen protector

Either PET screen protector or tempered screen protector, the lower layer is silica gel coating, that is the key reason how the screen protector adsorbs on the screen. The advantage of tempered glass screen protector is that is can absorb and exhaust bubbles.

Light transmittance, wear resistance, absorption and trimming process are the four main quality indexes of screen protector, among which the wear resistance and absorption of screen protector are the two main factors affecting the service life of products. The main reasons for users to replace screen protector are wear and blistering.

Since the wear resistance and adsorption affect the service life of the screen protector, how does the screen protector absorb to the mobile phone screen? Now, there are two main adsorption methods of mobile phone film: non-static adsorption and electrostatic adsorption. The non-static adsorption mainly refers to the glue static, although the paste is relatively firm, but it is also has some problems. First, there are traces of glue. Second, after the film is removed for a long time, the screen will feel insensitive due to the penetration of glue.

In general, electrostatic adsorption screen protector will not have problems mentioned above. The adsorption method of static electricity is based on the physical principle. When the screen protector contacts the LCD screen, the pressure in the air between the protective film and the LCD screen becomes smaller, so that the atmospheric pressure is greater than the pressure in the air between the screen and the film, to generate the adsorption capacity. The electrostatic film is not only easy to paste, but also easy to tear off

When buying screen protector, you should not only consider the scratch resistance of the screen protector, but also pay attention to the adsorption. The electrostatic adsorption screen protector has different technical level due to the silicon they use. Therefore, the service life of screen film is different too.

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