What is the difference of the 11D screen protector between Mietubl and others?

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  • 2021-12-06 16:02:29
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First of all, the product name of 11D screen protector is derived from Mietubl. Secondly, due to other undesirable manufacturers to reduce the quality for imitation, there has been a variety of 11D chaos in the current market. The following are the anti-counterfeiting features of several major products, hoping that everyone can recognize the products of Mietubl quality standards:

 Mietubl 11D Film Imitation 11D Film
Inner arc Use 3D printing glue technology, after CNC processing, the inner arc glue line is continuous and smooth. Non-glue internal arc, or single-layer internal arc without CNC processing
Outer arc The outer arc glass CNC is no less than 80mm, after sweeping light, no less than 80mm Outer arc is not obvious
Glass raw materials Use high aluminum glass, super toughness, can be bend in half Use ordinary medium aluminum glass, toughness is not enough
Surface process Polishing reaches 98% light transmittance Foggy, unclear
AB Glue Use 280-330um AB glue and carry out real machine test to maximize no white edges Use 250um AB glue or even thinner AB glue
Oiled Plasma oiling, smooth feeling General machine coating, poor anti-fingerprint effect
Baseboard Use one to one baseboard, beautiful appearance looking Use a universal baseboard, it is easy to lose glue during transportation
LOGO 11D icon has the exclusive shield anti-counterfeiting symbol of Mietubl Counterfeit 11D without shield logo
Bagging Double-layer foam bag for more protection during transportation

Single-layer foam bag, easy to leave marks on the glass surface

Mietubl 11D screen protector

Mietubl 11D Curved Edge Screen Protector