What's the difference between glass screen protector and TPU screen protector?

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  • 2021-12-06 15:30:24
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TPU screen protector is made up of TPU and hydrogel. It has strong ductility and retraction, impact resistance, durability, better toughness, and has a certain buffer effect on sharp object collision.

TPU screen protector is thin, the ultra-thin design enables a more beautiful outlook and more sensitive operation.

However,TPU screen protector is softer than glass screen protector.If it is not install well,there will be bubbles(How to install a TPU screen protector?please follow our instruction?Installation video of Mitetubl NTPU Screen Protector?).Because it is soft,TPU screen protector is good for curved screen mobile phones.

TPU screen protector

Tempered glass screen protector is made of glass,which can mainly divided into full coverage and non full coverage.Full coverage refers to the screen protector can cover the screen display part and the frame,most mobile phones will use 2.5D arc surface to handle the screen edge transition.

The biggest advantage of the tempered glass screen protector is that it has a natural hand feel, high hardness and good protection ability. Moreover, the transparency of the glass is better than that of TPU Screen protector.