Paper like screen protector: Born for designers

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  • 2021-12-07 11:47:52
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iPad has become a standard digital tool for designers, it is sought due to its powerful performance and excellent design and drawing capabilities, designers can grasp fleeting inspiration and creativity with an iPad and Apple Pencil.

The issue is the damping of Apple Pencil is too weak, cannot simulate writing on paper very well. Fortunately, the tablet paper-like screen protector which is specially designed for drawing and writing has an excellent reflective as well as anti-glare effect, allow you to enjoy more comfortable writing experience.

Different from ordinary screen protectors, the surface of the paper like screen protector has a delicate matte texture, when the film is applied to the tablets, it brings a natural drawing effects. Without slipping, retention, and disconnection. Besides that, the frosted surface effectively reducing the interference to the screen under sunlight, making the screen clear and delicate when you're reading books.

Perfect thickness

The new screen protector is only 0.19 mm in thickness and the surface of the paper like screen protector is specially processed, without affect the pencil drawing, keeping every dot, lines and surfaces under control, the ultra-thin thickness make it if there is nothing on the screen

Paper like screen protector

Restores the original color

The materials of the paper-like screen protectors are carefully selected, in mind of the functional and the color, transmittance and brightness. The surface of the paper-like film is polarized, which can effectively prevent glare ingestion and demonstrate real painting colors. Whether it is for creation or viewing, it can make the color performance more Real and delicate. Bring a better writing and depicting experience.

Paper like screen protector

Smooth touch feeling

The screen protector combines the softness of paper and smooth texture, effectively restores the strong touch of paper painting. The polymer material effectively protect the screen, so that your tablet can be used for a long time and is still fresh.

Paper like screen protector