Intelligent film cutting pasting machine

Mietubl screen protector cutting and laminating all-in-one machine aims to provide a complete solution from cutting to screen protector laminating for the screen protector business. Make running screen protector business easier.
One machine for all screen protector issues
Combine screen protector cutting and laminating capabilities into a single machine. Through the built-in automatic correction function, even a novice can apply a screen protector perfectly.

Why intelligent film cutting pasting machine?

Advantages of intelligent film cutting pasting machine
Making screen protector on demand
The MTB-CUT M288 intelligent cutting and laminating machine is designed to provide customers with a more convenient solution for phone screen protectors. It comes with a vast database of different phone models and brands, enabling it to make screen protector for any model in just 20 seconds. This is the first device to integrate screen protector cutting and automated lamination.
Advantages of intelligent film cutting pasting machine
Automatic position
The intelligent cutting and laminating machine features an automatic alignment system with built-in clamps that can precise positioning between the screen protector and the screen, preventing the misalignment during manual application.
Advantages of intelligent film cutting pasting machine
No horizontal line left
The MTB-CUT M288 uses a precise vacuum system, suitable for both flat and curved phone screens,which simplifies the lamination process and enhances convenience. And ensure the clarity and natural feel of the original screen.
Advantages of intelligent film cutting pasting machine
UV Curing
The UV curing function is essential for the use of UV screen protectors,it improves the abrasion resistance of the material surface. This all-in-one device integrates screen protector cutting, vacuum lamination, and UV curing, making it ideal for UV screen protectors.
One-stop screen protector solutions

Mietubl serves as more than just a supplier of screen protectors; we are dedicated experts in safeguarding your smart devices. We provide a diverse range of tempered glass screen protectors designed to resist scratches, fingerprints, and daily wear and tear. Additionally, we offer intelligent screen protector cutting machines and a variety of flexible hydrogel screen protector to cater to your preferences. 。

To better cater to your requirements, we concentrate not only on advancing intelligent film cutting and laminating all-in-one machines but also on the creation of specialized cutting materials. These materials boast exceptional wear resistance, scratch resistance, and durability, ensuring optimal performance on our machines. This approach guarantees your competitiveness in the market. which will contribute significantly to the success of your business.

Product Name Intelligent film cutting pasting machine
Brand Mietubl
Model MTB-CUT M288
Screen 5.5 inches touch screen
Max material width 200 mm
Max cutting width 195 mm
Accuracy 0.1 mm
Repeatability 0.1 mm
Pump pressure About 100KPa
Max straight cutting speed 250mm/s
Max curve cutting speed 200mm/s
Maximum cutting pressure 9.8N
Network WIFI 2.4G
Voltage 110V~240V
Power <100W
Operating temperature +5~35°C
Packing size 500*310*340(mm)
Machine size 385*197*225(mm)
Weight 12 KG
FAQ about intelligent film cutting pasting machine
Does the intelligent film cutting pasting machine have a limit on the number of cuts?
No, like our other series of screen protector cutting machines, the intelligent film cutting pasting machine is unlocked. You can cut the model you need on the machine at any time without worrying about cutting limit or annual fee.
Whether The screen protector laminating function of the machine can be used independently?
Yes, the screen protector cutting functions and screen protector laminating function of the machine are connected to each other, but they can also be used independently. You can use either screen protector cutting function or the screen protector laminating function alone.
What're the warranty terms
We offer a 12-month warranty for the machine, coupled with 24-hour complimentary technical support. Within the warranty duration, we will replace parts free of charge for any malfunctions not resulting from human-induced damage.
Do you provide data update service?
Yes, all data updates are free. You can manually update the mobile phone templates. Additionally, the machine itself will automatically update the latest mobile phone model from time to time.
Is it special cutting materials needed for this machine?
The requirement varies based on your usage. A screen protector with a specific structure is necessary when utilizing the automatic lamination function. However, if you only intend to use the screen protector function, any standard screen protector can be used.
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