Super D Screen protector

Designed for fingerprint unlocking
Compatible models
Samsung S21
Samsung S21 Plus
Samsung S22/S23
Samsung S22 Plus/S23 Plus

Sensitive fingerprint unlock

Same experience as the original screen

Quick adhesive, without bubbles

Sensitive touch, fast fingerprint unlocking
0.25 mm thickness

High-quality high-alumina silica glass

Strong impact resistance
4 hours tempering treatment

2.5D smooth edge

Protect your phone elegantly
4 hours tempering treatment
50 micron CNC grinding

Upgraded Protection

Plasma oiling, 105~110° contact Angle

Better anti-fingerprint effect

Keep your screen new
150 Fingerprint Unlock AB Glue

Fits quickly and is easy to install

Seamless connection, no air bubbles left
Pay attention to genuine Mietubl products
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