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  • Intelligent film cutting machine
  • Intelligent film cutting machine
  • Intelligent film cutting machine
  • Intelligent film cutting machine

Intelligent film cutting machine

The MTB-CUT180AL is extended base on the MTB-CUT 180A screen protector cutting machine, the increase in width allows it to cut larger screen protectors. Such as laptops.

Capacity :
Monthly 5,000 sets
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Intelligent film cutting machine Introduction

Intelligent film cutting machine

MTB-CUT 180A intelligent film cutting machine is a device developed to meet the requirements of larger cutting size. Based on the design of MTB-CUT 180A screen protector machine, the cutting panel of MTB-CUT180AL is extended to 310 mm. And the effective width is up to 290 mm, thus allowing the cutting of larger size screen protectors, such as laptops.

Intelligent film cutting machine

Upgraded rollers and gears

In order to meet the larger cutting size, the improvement of the intelligent screen protector cutting machine is more than simply increasing the width. A larger cutting range means greater cutting resistance. Therefore, it is necessary to upgrade the rollers and gears to provide more stable fixing ability.Especially when the automatic filling material function is turned on.

intelligent screen protector cutting machine

More data support

Cutting larger size screen protectors not only requires machine upgrades, but also requires more templates. Now, templates for laptops have been added to the new film cutting machine, and more templates will be updated soon

More data support

Without cutting times limited

Of course, based on our self-developed system, these extended intelligent film cutting machine are without anything limited, that means you don't have to pay for every cut. This will undoubtedly save you a lot of money.

Automatically feeding

Precise data after collation

The huge quantity does not mean a discount on quality.

The MTB-CUT 180AL intelligent film cutting machine can also be used to cut the data covered by the MTB-CUT 180A screen protector machine. All of which have been carefully measured and sorted to avoid the trouble caused by inaccurate data

Intelligent film cutting machine templates

Source factory direct sales to distributors all over the world

As the source factory of the intelligent film cutting machine, we can provide you with high-quality services and products at a lower price. Our products have been sold to distributors and recognized by customers all over the world.

Intelligent film cutting machine feeding

One-stop service

One-stop service allows us to provide you with a comprehensive solution, from machines to various functional cutting materials, we have prepared everything you need for business, even if you are new to this industry, you can expand your business quickly.

Our technical support colleagues will provide professional suggestions based on your business development to help you expand the market.

Intelligent film cutter
Intelligent film cutting machine Specification
Maximum material width:310 mm
Accuracy:0.1 mm
Screen:5-inch colorful touch screen
Network:80.2 11n wireless LAN
Input:100-240V 1.5A 50-60Hz
Output:24V 2A DC
Maximum cutting width290(mm)
I am from Egypt, it is possible to ship to me?2023-08-05 11:39:30
Yes, we can ship your order by sea or air. If you have a designated cargo agent in China, we can deliver the goods to your designated agency. Welcome to contact us on the logistics method you need.
Can the screen protector machine cut the PET material with a thickness of 0.45mm?2023-07-29 13:55:44

Yes, The screen protector machine can cut PET material, but please note that you need to adjust the machine setting and PET material is more likely to wear out the cutting blade.

Do you have warranty for the screen protector machine?2022-09-21 18:18:47

Yes, we have one-year warranty for our screen protector machine, skilled technicians will provide you with free product consultation services. However, please note that cutting blade and screen protector sheets as consumables are not covered by the machine's warranty.

How much does the cutting material cost?2022-05-05 11:24:59

We provide a variety of cutting materials, such as HD clear, matte, privacy and anti Blu-ray etc. The prices are different according to materials and functions. But either material is cheaper than tempered glass screen protector.

Can I cut tempered glass on this screen protector machine?2022-05-05 11:11:10

No, the machine is specially developed for cutting flexible screen protector materials like TPU/PET screen protectors, but it is not suitable for cutting glass screen protectors.

Do you also provide material for the screen protector cutting machine?2021-12-21 10:45:53

Yes, in addition to the machine, we also provide various types of screen protector cutting materials, including HD, privacy, matte, Anti-blue ray, explosion-proof and back films with various patterned. All of which have favorable prices. You can order these products according to your needs.

What kind of film does the intelligent film cutting machine used?2021-12-16 12:58:20
The screen protector used in the intelligent film cutting machine is hydrogel screen protectors, which is generally made of TPU/PET material. According to different functions, it can be divided into high-definition screen protector, privacy screen protector, explosion-proof screen protector, matte screen protector and anti-blue screen protector.
Is there a limit on the number of in your film cutting machine?2021-12-16 12:48:20

No, our screen protector cutting machine can be used for permanently free and is not bound to any material. You can use materials from any company.

Your question was not answered? Please leave us a message, we will write to you as soon as possible.

Intelligent film cutting machine Reviews
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