Smart plotter
Smart plotter
Smart plotter
Smart plotter
Smart plotter
Smart plotter
Smart plotter
Smart plotter
Smart plotter
Smart plotter
Smart plotter
Smart plotter

Smart plotter

Mietubl MTB-CUT 180A smart plotter meet all demands of screen protector and mobile phone back skins as well as smart watch and tablets

Screen protector machine

What is smart plotter?

The smart film plotter is designed to meet the various need of screen protectors, through the intelligent cutting machine, you can custom-made screen protectors and back skins for cellphone, smartwatch as well as tablets.

The smart plotter machine will help you solved the problem of large inventory, reduce your costs and bring you more business opportunities.

smart plotter machine

Functions about smart plotter

Easy to operate

The smart plotter is very easy to operate, all you need to do is place the raw material in the right place and select the model you need in the built-in program, It takes only 20 seconds to finish the cutting.

film plotter machine

Data record function

The built-in data statistics function in the smart plotter will do a great help to your business, you can clearly know your weekly and monthly sales record and those hot-selling models. Make further decisions base on the data collection.

screen protector smart plotter

Automatically update

Continuous iterative upgrade is an important point for you to maintain a competitive advantage in business work, We keep updating our smart plotter, more and more functions and templates have been adding to our machine. You can simply click a button to enjoy these updates, and it is all free.

screen protector smart plotter

What benefits you from the machine

There are more than 12,000 templates in the machine, all of which have been clearly classified for review and used, you can meet the needs of front screen protector and back skins with only one machine, In addition, you will be able to get the latest model at the first time instead of waiting a few months to get new screen protector.

Mobile phone screen protector making machine

All free cutting

Unlike other products on the market, the MTB-180A smart plotter is free for use, In other words, you don’t need credits to keep running the machine. This will undoubtedly reduce your cost and increase your profitability.

screen protector plotter machine

Various raw materials

Our company is a combination system of factory and sales, this enables us the ability to provide customers with various functional raw materials. Like HD clear films, anti-blue ray films, privacy films, matte films and all kinds of back skins. And most importantly, these first-hand sources can allow you to obtain better quality products at a lower price.

screen protector plotter
Maximum material width:210mm
Screen:5-inch colorful touch screen
Network:80.2 11n wireless LAN
Input:100-240V 1.5A 50-60Hz
Output:24V 2A DC
Is this laser cut? Is there any danger in the operation?4/22/2021 5:43:39 PM

No, it's cut with a blade, and unlike laser cutting, it's very safe, noise-free, pollution-free.You can rest assured in some places to use, such as shopping malls, home and so on.

Mobile screen guard cutting machine exw price?4/22/2021 5:33:59 PM

Mietubl is an enterprise specializing in developing and producing mobile phone screen protective film.The company is headquartered in China's Guangdong Province.At present, the products have been sold to 80 countries and regions around the world, and there are a large number of distributors.Mobile screen saver cutters are exported to overseas countries with excellent practicality and low price, please call 0086-17000161888 for details or contact our local distributor,You can use This link goes directly to our product details page

What kinds of screen protectors do you have for the machine2021/3/30 16:25:54

By now we have five type of raw material for the screen protector machine.

1.HD clear films, The HD clear film are one of the most popular films in the market, it provides a high clear watching experience, there is a coating on the surface that keeps it a long-lasting anti-fingerprint ability. All slight scratch will automatically recover.

2 Matte screen protectors

If you are a game lover, you will undoubtedly like this kind of product. The matte screen protector features not reflecting surface. The grooves on the surface can form a unique touch feeling, and it is not easy to leave traces and fingerprints

3.Anti blue-ray films

The anti blue-ray films is perfect for cellphone heavy users, the functional screen protector blocks harmful lights in the 400-430 nm band. And still keep it a high clear picture. The screen protector will relieve visual fatigue in the long term use of cellphone

4 Privacy films

It is very important to protect your personal information from prying eyes when using your mobile phone in public. And the privacy films will do this favor, the privacy films keep a certain visual angle, you can only see the screen from the front, and those sitting next to you can only see the black screen.

5 Anti blue-ray & matte films

The Anti blue-ray & matte films has both characteristics of anti-blue film and matte film and thinner than tempered glass screen protector, and slight scratches can be automatically repaired by itsel.

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