3D curved edge screen protector
3D curved edge screen protector
3D curved edge screen protector
3D curved edge screen protector
3D curved edge screen protector
3D curved edge screen protector
3D curved edge screen protector
3D curved edge screen protector

3D curved edge screen protector

Mietubl 3D curved edge screen protector precise hot bending edge to fit the curved screen like Huawei Mate 20 pro/Huawei P30 Pro/Samsung S10.

Curved edge screen protector

Precise hot bending treatment

The 3D curved edge screen protector is made of high-quality glass, after heating, the glass is softened and fixed in a fine mold, to form a precise curved edge. So the edge can perfectly fit the curved screen phones.

curved edge screen guard

9H Hardness

Mietubl 3D curved edge screen cover offer the same high-quality materials and protection as the standard glass protector

With tempered time over 4 hours, hardness is up to 9H, which can effectively ease the impact force and protect the screen from scratch of sharp objects, scratches, wear, blast.

3D curved edge screen protector

Pure visual effects

The transparent protectors provide the native HD viewing experience;

You won’t even know is there and the glass with 9H screen hardness offers maximum coverage with the front sensor protection.

Allowing you to fully enjoy your cellphone’s super retina display!

Pure visual effects

In line with aesthetics

As one of the most popular mobile phone design, since the flat tempered glass screen protector can not perfectly fit the curved edge, the problem of curved edge screen mobile phone is hard to find a suitable screen protector.

The advantage of 3D curved glass is that it creatively uses three-dimensional curved edges to fit the surface of the mobile phone with high precision, retaining its beautiful curved edge design. Achieve the consistency of functionality and aesthetics.

3D curved edge

High sensitivity operation

Made of nano chemical materials with high sensitivity and comfortable touch felling, ensure the high-sensitive touch operation

High quality AB glue


When the phone by the impact and fall, the tempered glass screen protector will effectively protect the screen itself broken, to protect the original screen will not break the screen.

Can withstand numerous external shocks, effectively resist the drop damage, and more to protect the screen.

9H hardness

Bubble free

The suitable width not only fit the display area, but also provides easy installation and avoid bubbles creation on the edge of tempered glass screen protector.

Powerful adhesive binds to your mobile phone screen without compromising clarity or touch accuracy. That means not gaps between the screen protector and the screen for dust and dirt storing, which improved product durability

Bubble free

Full coverage

The edge-to-edge screen protector not only resists the impact from the front of the phone, but also covers the curved edge which make the edge stronger. This is more important, because when youaccidentally dorp your phone these areas are more vulnerable to damage.

Full coverage
What is the differences between tempered glass screen protector and hydraulic screen protector2020/7/2 11:35:24

1. Different material

The hydraulic screen protector is a honeycomb structure with super toughness TPU material. Due to its relatively soft material, it can only play a scratch-resistant role on the mobile phone screen, and does not have a buffering effect against falling; is made of tempered glass, covered with multiple layers of protective coating, which has high hardness, and is also resistant to abrasion and scratches. However, due to its thick thickness, it is not suitable for curved screens and fingerprints under the screen. Used in models;

2. Different application

The hydraulic screen protector is suitable for curved screens, because it is equivalent to a soft film, so it will not be warped, but the hardness and wear resistance are not as good as the tempered glass screen protector.

3 Different drop resistance

The tempered glass screen protector is more drop-resistant than the hydraulic film, which can prevent the glass panel from breaking due to accidental impact of the mobile phone, reduce the hidden damage of the glass panel, and protect the user's safety. At the same time, it prevents accidental scratches and affects the appearance of the phone

What is the 0.3mm thickness of the mobile phone tempered screen protector?2020/5/4 11:25:09

For the products, the main components are tempered glass + AB glue OCA coating + fingerprint oil coating. These 3 main components combined thickness is more than 0.3mm. Usually we only refer to the thickness of the glass raw material. 0.3mm is means that we use raw material of glass in thickness of 0.3mm, 0.4mm means that use raw material of glass in thickness of 0.4mm, not the thickness of the finished product.

What is the difference between 2.5D screen protector and other products?2020/4/24 15:45:23

For 2.5D screen protector there is a radian at the edge,have a more smooth feeling and better visual effect,And process is more complex too.

Compare with straight edge tempered glass screen protector. The arc edge has a certain buffer effect when impacted and has strong damage resistance.

Besides, the edge of the arc edge toughened glass film is more shiny under the light, and it fits the body perfectly, with better visual effect.

Do you have any other more models?2020/4/23 10:54:11

Yes. We have full range screen protector products for different brands & different models, We list some hot-selling models here,if you need other models of the same series,please contact our staff,we strive to make one-stop service for you!

What is the minimum order quantity for OEM customized?2020/4/23 10:45:03

For OEM orders, the minimum order quantity will be from 2000 pieces per model. If the customized model is in our database, Mietubl will arrange production according to our data, and provide drawings to customers for confirmation before production.

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