• Mini mobile phone skin printer
  • Mini mobile phone skin printer
  • Mini mobile phone skin printer
  • Mini mobile phone skin printer
  • Mini mobile phone skin printer

Mini mobile phone skin printer

Mietubl MTB-PP01 Mini mobile phone skin printer is small and portable, the mini printer will be a good choice to show your creative proposition.

Capacity :
Monthly 5,000 sets
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Mini mobile phone skin printer Introduction

Mini phone skin printer

The mini mobile phone skin printer is another remarkable achievement in our DIY service capabilities. With its compact size and powerful functionality, with the high-quality printing solution, it is perfect for anyone to print mobile phone back skins, and is a great tool for those who want to be on-the-go with creativity.

For video instruction, please visit the following link:https://www.mietubl.com/videos/103.html

Phone skin printer

Enjoy DIY fun

Unleash your imagination with the mini cellphone skin printer. Create custom designs, personalized labels, vibrant stickers, and unique patterns for your mobile phone. Let your creativity soar as you explore the endless possibilities this printer offers.

Mini Printer for DIY phone skins

Free up inventory and satisfy all customers

We understand that every customer has different requirements and preferences. That's why we offer customizable solutions. By using the phone skin printer, you have the flexibility to create products that align perfectly with your customers' individual needs.

Our aim is to free you from the burden of inventory management and provide tailored solutions that cater to the unique needs of your customers.

Phone skin DIY printer

Gain competitive advantage

Stand out from the competition by offering personalized options. This agility ensures that you are always delivering what your customers want, which not only enhances brand recognition but also strengthens customer loyalty.

Mini cellphone skin printer

High print quality

Every intricate detail matters, and our printing process ensures that no detail goes unnoticed. With high-resolution capabilities, our printers produce sharp and crisp images, text, and graphics, allowing your designs to stand out with precision and clarity.

Mini printer

Stable color

Compared to traditional ink printing technology, the mini printer has significant advantages when it comes to color stability, washability, and friction resistance. Which maintains intended colors accurately, without significant variations or shifts. This makes it more suitable for printing mobile phone skins..

Mobile phone back film printer

Compact and Portable

The mini phone skin printer is designed to be lightweight and compact, making it highly portable and easy to carry. Whether you're working from your home studio or attending creative workshops, this printer is your perfect companion.

Portable phone skin printer
Mini mobile phone skin printer Specification
Product nameMini mobile phone skin printer
Ribbon specification36pcs/roll
Print modeDye sublimation
Input Voltage:24V / 1.6A
Photo paper size:195 mm*100 mm
Bluetooth version:5.2
Packing size:265mm*265mm*165mm
Gross weight:2.45KG
Net weight:1.4KG
Packing include1 set of printer
1 piece of moving card
1 roll of ribbon
1 power adapter
36 sheets of printing materials
36 sheets of covering material
1 gasket
1 instruction manual
What are the advantages of this mobile phone skin printer compared with other printers?2023-11-25 16:49:51
There are some advantages of the mini phone skin printer compared with other printers: 1. Stable and clear colors, and washable; 2. Suitable for thicker printing materials, which can provide better protection for mobile phones; 3. Small and portable, no computer support required; 4. Lower in price, can be used as a photo printer.
Is it phone skin removable if I want to change it?2023-11-25 16:39:56
Yes, the printed phone skin can be removed and replaced without any residue if you no longer need it.
How long does it take for each print?2023-11-25 16:35:54
Each print takes approximately 40 seconds.
Do I need to add an extra layer to the printed picture?2023-11-25 16:33:26
No, the mini phone skin printer not only has HD printing resolution, but it's waterproof, so you don't need an extra layer.
What is the maximum print size supported by Mini phone skin printer?2023-11-25 16:30:00
The maximum print size supported by the phone skin printer is 180mm *100 mm. It can meet the size requirements of most mobile phone models.
Where can I get the APP for printing?2023-11-25 16:26:38
There is a corresponding download link on the instruction manual. You can download it by scanning the QR code on the instruction manual. Both Android and IOS versions are now available.
Is the mobile phone skin printer printed with ink?2023-11-25 16:23:46
No, the mini phone skin printer is based on sublimation, and it does not contain ink.
What paper is used for the mini phone skin printer2023-11-25 16:19:59
The material used by the printer is custom-made. Each set of printers comes with 36 pieces of paper for printing. Materials for printing can be purchased separately. Each contains 36 pieces.

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