• Privacy screen protector sheet
  • Privacy screen protector sheet
  • Privacy screen protector sheet
  • Privacy screen protector sheet
  • Privacy screen protector sheet

Privacy screen protector sheet

Privacy screen protector sheets provide a filter that blocks side views of the screen, making it difficult for people nearby to see the content on the display.

Capacity :
Monthly 8,000,000 pieces
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Privacy screen protector sheet Introduction

Privacy screen protector sheet

Mietubl privacy screen protector sheets have been meticulously designed to be compatible with any screen protector cutting machine, offering immense flexibility and adaptability to meet the diverse needs of various phone models.

Privacy screen protector sheet

28° privacy angle

Our Privacy Screen Protector Sheets provide superior privacy, ensuring that only you can see what's on your screen. The screen appears dark when viewed from an angle, thereby preventing prying eyes from viewing your screen. Your privacy matters, and it's our mission to protect it.

Hydrogel screen protector sheets

Customizable for any phone model

These sheets are designed to be universally compatible with any phone model. Whether you have an iPhone, a Samsung, a Google Pixel, or any other phone model, you can cut these sheets into any size with our screen protector machine, and perfectly fit the phone's screen.

Privacy screen protector sheets for cutting machine

Easy to cut and apply

With compatibility for all screen protector cutting machines, our sheets can be easily cut to the perfect size for your device. The screen protector sheets come with a 4-layer structure, including a base film, a separation layer, an application layer, and a protective layer, anyone can quickly get the installation instructions by scanning the QR code on the material.

Easy to apply

High-Quality material

Made from high-quality material, our privacy screen protector sheets offer not only excellent privacy but also superior protection against scratches, smudges, and dust.

Universal screen protector sheets

Optional sizes

The privacy screen protector sheets are available in both HD and matte options, both available in 120 mm * 180 mm and 200 mm * 300 mm sizes. Make it ideal for mobile phones, tablets, etc.

Smudge resistant screen protector
Is there any chance of the glue sticking when I remove it?2023-10-31 20:42:14
Don't worry, our screen protectors are easy to install and remove and won't leave glue on the screen after removal.

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Privacy screen protector sheet Reviews
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