• Anti-blue ray screen protector sheet
  • Anti-blue ray screen protector sheet
  • Anti-blue ray screen protector sheet

Anti-blue ray screen protector sheet

The Anti-blue ray screen protector sheets are designed to filter out blue light emitted from device screens. The universal screen protector can be cut into any phone model with a screen protector machine.

Capacity :
Monthly 8,000,000 pieces
Picture Specification
HD clearHD clear
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Anti-blue ray screen protector sheet Introduction

Anti-blue ray screen protector sheet

Anti-blue light screen protectors are specially designed to filter out blue light emitted from device screens such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. The screen protectors can reduce eye strain, and minimize potential discomfort, especially when using electronic devices for extended periods.

Anti-blue ray screen protector sheet

4-layer structure, easy to install

The anti-blue light screen protector comes with a 4-layer structure, including a base film, a separation layer, an application layer and a protective layer, which allows it to be installed easily on a mobile phone and is suitable for various mobile phone screens, including those with curved screens.

Hydrogel screen protector sheets

Reliable protection

The hydrogel screen protector sheet is made of high-quality material and acts as a shield to protect the actual device screen, the oleophobic coating that makes them resistant to fingerprints and smudges. Which helps keep the screen looking clean.

universal screen protector sheets

Wide compatibility

These screen protectors have good compatibility, you can use these materials with any brand of screen protector cutting machine.

Universal screen protector sheets

Various sizes

There are two sizes for anti-blue light screen protectors sheet, including 180mm*120mm and 200mm*300mm, the 180mm*120mm screen protector sheet is suitable for screen protectors under 7 inches, and 200mm*300mm is compatible with most tablets.

Hydrogel screen protector for cutting machine

HD and matte options

We provide Anti-blue ray screen protector sheets in both HD and matte options.

The Quality HD screen protectors allow for clear, high-definition viewing with minimal impact on display quality or screen responsiveness. While the matte anti-blue light screen protector is not reflecting or refract and protects your eyes

HD and matte hydrogel screen protector sheet
Is there any chance of the glue sticking when I remove it?2023-10-31 20:42:14
Don't worry, our screen protectors are easy to install and remove and won't leave glue on the screen after removal.
Can I use it on the back of the cellphone phone?2023-10-31 20:28:18
It is not recommended to use material for front screen on the back of the cell phone. In those phones that have a matte back, you may face issues with insufficient stickiness. And it is easy to fall off. If you want to cut rear film for cellphone please use special materials.

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Anti-blue ray screen protector sheet Reviews
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