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Privacy screen protector

Mietubl privacy screen protector is the first line of defence against visual hackers, screen scratch. Keep sensitive personal information away from prying eyes.

Privacy screen protector series
Capacity :
Monthly 8,000,000 pieces
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Privacy screen protector Introduction

What is Privacy Screen Protector

The privacy screen protector is designed to protect the screen from scratches, dust, and other types of damage, while also preventing anyone from viewing your screen from an angle. Making it difficult to see what's on the screen unless they are looking at it directly from the front.

Privacy screen protector

Protect your important information

Whether you're browsing social media, video call with friends, or reviewing confidential work documents on public transportation. By using a privacy screen protector, your by-standers won't be able to see what you're doing, so you can use your device without the risk of accidentally sharing confidential information with unintended viewers, giving you peace of mind when using your device in public. In short, you don't have to worry about prying eyes when using your phone.

Privacy screen protector

HD clear front view

The privacy screen protectors based on special physical principles, the privacy filter used in these protectors allows light to pass through from certain angles, while blocking it from others, similar to traditional window blinds. The angle of the filter is preset to a narrow front angle, which allows you to view the screen clearly, while people next to you are unable to see the content of your screen. This gives you control over what information is visible to the world.

Privacy screen protector

Comprehensive protection

The privacy screen protector is made of high quality glass, flexible but still 9H hardness. Provides everyday protection for your phone against scratches, bumps and minor drops.

The screen protector not only protect your cell phone, but also your personal information.

prevent peeping screen protector

Beautiful curved edge design

Precise cutting, follow the curved design of the screen itself, the radian edge will hurt your finger. So it has a better hand feeling.

The smooth safety edges perfectly match the contours of device, with the best visual effect.

The finishing process also reinforces glass edges for maximum resistance.

Premium privacy screen protector


An anti-glare coating is a useful feature that can significantly enhance the usability of your device's screen in bright environments. When the sun is out, the glare from the sunlight can make it difficult to see anything on your screen. However, with an anti-glare coating, the amount of light reflections is reduced, allowing you to see the content of your screen more clearly.

Whether you are reading an e-book, or simply browsing the web, an anti-glare coating can make it easier to see your screen in bright environments.

Privacy Screen Protector

Easy to install

Super Easy to install the privacy screen protector.

The screen protector will automatically stick to your phone screen as you gently lower into place.

Privacy Screen Protector

Long service life

2.5 hours high temperature strengthening, 9H hardness upgrade, effectively resist the scratch of sharp objects

Can withstand numerous external shocks, effectively resist the drop damage, and more to protect the screen.

Privacy Screen Protector  OEM

OEM support

More than 20 years of industry experience, sufficient product experience, offer you a full range of products covering mobile phone models on the market

Professional production plants and senior R&D team can support customized OEM services for products.

Privacy Screen Protector  OEM
Privacy screen protector Specification
Material0.33 high-quality high-alumina silica glass
Tempering hours2.5 hours
CoatingPlasma coating ,105~110° water drop angle
Anti-peeping angle28° anti-peep angle
Baseboard1:1 colorful baseboard
AB glueCustomized antistatic AB glue
OEM supportsupport
MOQ50 pieces per model
Leading timeRegular stock ready to ship, bulk order 7 ~ 14 days
Original factoryChina
FeaturesProtect personal information, HD clear front view,not affect facial recognition, is easy to install, and not affected by dust
For which brands do you have privacy screen protector?2023-07-22 17:18:48
We have privacy screen protectors for iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, and other brands, these privacy screen protectors have anti-static function and real 28° anti-peeping angle, welcome to consult.
Will privacy screen protector affect touch sensitivity?2023-04-25 10:39:56
Privacy screen protector do have some impact on function like fingerprint unlock. The surface of the privacy screen protector has some grooves that cannot be seen by the naked eye, which may make the surface of the screen slightly rough, thus affecting the touch sensitivity. The screen protector industry is trying to use special materials and processes to reduce the impact on touch sensitivity, and even keep the touch sensitivity unchanged.
What's privacy screen protectors?2023-03-19 12:42:35

A privacy screen protector is a type of screen protector for electronic devices, such as smartphones, laptops, or tablets, that is designed to prevent other people from being able to view the contents of your screen from an angle.

Privacy screen protectors typically work by using a polarized film or microscopic louver technology that blocks the visibility of the screen from angles other than straight-on. This makes it difficult for anyone sitting beside or behind you to see what you're doing on your device, ensuring your privacy and reducing the risk of others seeing sensitive information, such as passwords, personal messages, or financial details.

Privacy screen protectors are especially useful for people who use their devices in public places or in crowded areas, as they can help protect against "shoulder surfing" or other types of visual hacking. They are available in a range of sizes and shapes to fit different devices, and can be easily installed like regular screen protectors.

Do you have any other more models?2021-12-21 11:00:13

Yes. We have full range screen protector products for different brands & different models, We list some hot-selling models here,if you need other models of the same series,please contact our staff,we strive to make one-stop service for you!

Do privacy screen protectors work?2021-12-21 10:48:23

A privacy screen protector is a great way to alleviate your important information from been stolen. After you apply a privacy screen protector, the screen can be seen within a certain angle from the front. When viewed from multiple angles such as 30°, 60°, and 120°, the content of the screen cannot be seen, which plays a role in protecting privacy.

Do you accept OEM/ODM order?2021-12-18 12:21:16

  Yes. We have research and development team to do this job for your original idea to make a finished product.

What is the minimum order quantity for OEM customized?2021-12-16 16:53:56

For OEM orders, the minimum order quantity will be from 2000 pieces per model. If the customized model is in our database, Mietubl will arrange production according to our data, and provide drawings to customers for confirmation before production.

What are the best tempered glass screen protectors for your cell phone that can also give you a little bit of privacy?2021-12-16 16:43:39

Whether you're someone who constantly drops your mobile phone or you're someone who's just looking for a little extra privacy while at the coffee shop, on the bus or plane, or out and about, having a screen protector that combines the best of both worlds is a real treat!

Here is the best tempered glass screen protector that'll give your cell phone a solid layer of protection and stop wandering eyes from reading over your shoulder.

“Kill two birds with one stone”, with Mietubl Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protector,you can get good screen protection and private space.

What is principle of privacy screen protector2021-12-16 15:40:51

The principle of the privacy screen protector is similar to that of blinds,  a layer is implanted in a screen protector. In the ultra-fine shutters Under the effect of optical technology, the light transmittance on the front of the screen is the highest and the visibility is the strongest. With the tilt of the angle, the transmittance will gradually decrease and the screen will gradually become darker.

However, the tiny blades in the privacy film will block part of the light, causing the user to find that the screen is darker than before the film even when viewing the screen from the front.

Will privacy screen protector affect fingerprint unlock?2021-12-16 15:31:51

The privacy screen protector does not affect the fingerprint recognition. The privacy screen protector can only block the side view and reduce the visible range of the screen. The fingerprint recognition is recognized from the front of the screen. It generally does not affect the fingerprint information of the mobile phone. Of course, this depends on unlocking principle the mobile phone it uses.

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Privacy screen protector Reviews
Very very good quality

I sell this goods very very good quality and Very demanding goods

Good product

 I am pleased to say that I have found a product that not only offers excellent privacy protection, but also has a great price-performance ratio.

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