• Colored MTB Glass Screen Protector
  • Colored MTB Glass Screen Protector
  • Colored MTB Glass Screen Protector
  • Colored MTB Glass Screen Protector
  • Colored MTB Glass Screen Protector

Colored MTB Glass Screen Protector

The upgraded MTB glass brings you more surprises in terms of product quality and craftsmanship. Brand-new colored plate, bigger curved edge, change not only the appearance.

MTB Glass
Capacity :
Monthly 8,000,000 pieces
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Colored MTB Glass Screen Protector Introduction
MTB GlassSmooth touch, good anti-fingerprint ability9H hardness2.5D curved edges250 μm AB glueImproved impact resistance
Colored MTB Glass Screen Protector Specification
Availability:August 2022
Material:High alumina glass
Coating:Plasma coating
AB glue:250 μm custom AB glue
Plate1:1 Colored plate
Packing10 pcs/box , 5 boxes/carton or 20 boxes/carton
What kind of packaging do the colorful screen protectors use?2022-09-05 12:08:20

The colorful screen protector comes in a colorful box, 10 pieces in a box, 5 boxes in a carton.

Are colorful screen protectors available for iPhone 14?2022-09-05 11:33:25

Yes, the colorful screen protector has a full range of mobile phone models, models for the iPhone 14 series are now on sale, welcome to contact our agents or sales staff for complete model list.

Does the glass screen protector use high alumina silicon material?2022-09-05 11:05:48
Yes, this new screen protector uses high-quality high-alumina silica glass. After tempering, the surface hardness of the product reaches 9H, which has excellent scratch resistance and impact resistance, so it can well protect the phone screen from being scratched by sharp objects.

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Colored MTB Glass Screen Protector Reviews
Most cost-effective tempered glass screen protector

I do wholesale business. My customers specifically required this model, they said it’s good quality but low cost. They all loved it. Hope Mietubl keeps quality well. Thanks.

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