• Cellphone protective film making machine
  • Cellphone protective film making machine
  • Cellphone protective film making machine
  • Cellphone protective film making machine
  • Cellphone protective film making machine

Cellphone protective film making machine

The cellphone protective film making machine provides a complete solution for various screen protectors and reduce your inventory pressure

Capacity :
Monthly 5,000 sets
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Cellphone protective film making machine Introduction

What's cellphone protective film making machine

The mobile phone film cutter is a cutter developed for cutting flexible PET film, TPU film, hydrogel film and other mobile phone explosion-proof material. The cutter operating system is very simple, comes with mobile APP database. It is suitable for personal entrepreneurship or store drainage.

Just take 1 minute to learn how to use it.

Cellphone protective film making machine

Cellphone protective film making machine advantages

Full data

Thousands model of cloud data, and new models will be updated 3 -5 times in every week. Local storage, not rely on the Internet, works fine in case of no WI-FI.

One click operation

Automatic induction feeding system, and returning material automatically after cutting.

Cellphone film making machine

Timely data update

Thousands of mainstream models data

Updating 2-3 models every week

Hot models go online within 12 hours

Protective film making machine

Zero inventory stocking, cut as you need.

Just 3 steps to finish film cutting, fast profit pattern, low investment cost.

Stylish exterior design, a great way to attract customers.

Mobile phone film making machine

Mini & Smart

Small footprint, more convenient to carry.Full set machine is 4.7 Kg.

Hydrogel screen protector making machine

Powerful custom pattern function

Directly connect to a colorful printer to make your own favorite back film pattern.

Cellphone protective film making machine Specification
ModelMTB-CUT M188 Cellphone protective film making machine
Max feeding width:200mm
Max Cutting width:195mm
Power consumption:< 100W
Input110 ~240 V
Number of data modelsMore than 20,000 and keep updating.
Printers that are supportedCanon G580、G680 、TS9000、TS8000、TS6000、TS5000、TS8180、TS9100、TS9180、TS8100、TS8130、TS6100、TS6130、TS6180、TS5100、TS3100、TS3100、TS8200、TS8280、TS6200、TS6230、TS6280、TS9500、TS7080、TS7000、TS5300、TS5380、TS8380、TS6300、TS6380、TS7330、TS8300、TS8380、TS6330、TS3300、TS3400、TS7430、TS8430、TS5400、TS7400、TS6400、TS5350i、MG3000 and so on.
I bought a plotter from your company, but where can I buy original spare parts if something happens?2023-11-16 16:39:17
The warranty on our products is 12 months. If any malfunction occurs during the warranty period, please contact local dealers to get free spare parts.
What is the default setting of the screen protector machine?2023-08-05 15:53:58
The default settings for cutting ordinary screen protector sheets will be blade scale 5, pressure 300, and speed 200. Based on the physical properties of the cutting material, you may need to change parameters. The thicker the material, the larger the scale, and the harder the material. More pressure is needed.
How often new software is released?2023-08-05 12:24:05
The New APP version is independent of the data update. The APP is only updated when new functions come out or bugs need to be fixed, there is no certain cycle for the software update.
How can I get new mobile phone models?2023-08-05 12:14:14
All new phone models will be added automatically to this device. And with a constantly connected plotter to the Internet, it will immediately access to the cloud database of templates
How the software is updated?2023-08-05 11:51:04
For MTB-CUT M188 and MTB-CUT M180T hydrogel screen protector machines, you can update the software on the setting page. You can find the password for the upgrade in the operating instructions.
Can I control the screen protector cutting machine through an APP?2023-05-27 12:56:34
The function depends on the screen protector machine model you are using, we have multiple screen protector machine series with different functions. If it is very important for you to control through the mobile phone APP,  the MTB-CUT 180A series will be a good choice for you, but please note that only the Android version can be supported.
Do you have warranty for the screen protector machine?2022-09-21 18:18:47

Yes, we have one-year warranty for our screen protector machine, skilled technicians will provide you with free product consultation services. However, please note that cutting blade and screen protector sheets as consumables are not covered by the machine's warranty.

How long is the warranty period of the hydrogel screen protector machine?2022-09-05 19:12:35

We offer one-year warranty service for the hydrogel screen protector machine, and provide free replacement parts service for non-human-caused failures during the warranty period. Our technicians will provide you with a software guide and instructions on how to use the machine.

Can I cut my own screen protector on this machine?2022-09-04 16:41:48

Making a cutting template is not a simple matter, it needs to use special software and convert it into a file format supported by the machine. In general, you need to hire professional technicians for making your own screen protectors. But for simple screen protectors, you make it through the custom function on the machine, just enter a few parameters such as length, width and diameter.

I would like to know the correct parameters for a good cut2022-08-06 16:12:21

The right cutting parameters mainly depend on the materials you use. For regular materials, it is recommended to use the following parameters

MaterialBack filmFour layer soft filmExplosion-proof material
Blade holder scale4~54~67~8

What voltage does the machine work on and can I use 110V?2022-06-29 15:46:45

The cellphone film making machine works in the environment of 100~240V, and he voltage of 110V can be supported. But please note that you need to work with the original power adapter.

Can I cut tempered glass on this screen protector machine?2022-05-05 11:11:10

No, the machine is specially developed for cutting flexible screen protector materials like TPU/PET screen protectors, but it is not suitable for cutting glass screen protectors.

Does MTB-CUT M188 TPU Screen Protector Machine Support Bluetooth Connection?2022-03-22 14:16:29

MTB-CUT M188 TPU screen protector machine has no bluetooth module inside, so it does not support bluetooth connection, you can visit the following link to get the function comparison of different models.


Do I need to pay for the software upgrade2021-12-21 11:15:57

No, the software upgrade is free.New model data updates are also free of charge.

Is there a limit on the number of in your film cutting machine?2021-12-16 12:48:20

No, our screen protector cutting machine can be used for permanently free and is not bound to any material. You can use materials from any company.

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