• 3D back film print machine plan
  • 3D back film print machine plan
  • 3D back film print machine plan
  • 3D back film print machine plan

3D back film print machine plan

The 3D back film print machine plan is like a mobile factory, it not only allows you to on demand cut various screen protectors , but also produce back films with 3D textures, as we do in the factory.

Capacity :
Monthly 5,000 sets
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3D back film print machine plan Introduction

Personalized mobile phone service plan

A holiday is coming up, What will you do if you want your iPhone looks festive. Maybe you want to change your phone case, but you might only be able to choose from a handful of drab patterns, but now we have a better alternative.

With the personalized mobile phone service plan, you can always make something different, like pictures of pets, couples, or a photo of a landscape that you will never forget.

3D back film print machine plan

3D back film printer

Want your most-loved pictures to live somewhere other than your phone's camera? Maybe you can consider making it a personalized phone decoration, with this 3D UV printer, you can highlight your favorite memories every time you use your cellphone.

And these printed pictures not only have real, beautiful colors, but also have three-dimensional texture, you can not only see it, you can touch and feel it.

3D back film printer

Smart screen protector machine

You may need more than a back film, they may also want to find a suitable screen protector, but there are too many mobile phone models, how to meet the needs of various mobile phones.

A smart screen protector machine gives you total freedom solution, more than 6000 mobile phone models can meet almost all mobile phone needs. Without needing to worry about how to handle a large inventory

The smart screen protector machine and UV printer can be directly connected via Wi-Fi.

Smart screen protector machine

Various of hydrogel screen protector sheets

We provide you with up to 10 different hydrogel screen protector sheets, like HD clear, matte, anti blue-ray, privacy etc. Either one has an attractive price. New products are constantly being added to the series. Pleases refer to the following link for more details about these hydrogel screen protector sheets.


Hydrogel screen protector sheets
How often new software is released?2023-08-05 12:24:05
The New APP version is independent of the data update. The APP is only updated when new functions come out or bugs need to be fixed, there is no certain cycle for the software update.
How long is the warranty period of the hydrogel screen protector machine?2022-09-05 19:12:35

We offer one-year warranty service for the hydrogel screen protector machine, and provide free replacement parts service for non-human-caused failures during the warranty period. Our technicians will provide you with a software guide and instructions on how to use the machine.

I would like to know the correct parameters for a good cut2022-08-06 16:12:21

The right cutting parameters mainly depend on the materials you use. For regular materials, it is recommended to use the following parameters

MaterialBack filmFour layer soft filmExplosion-proof material
Blade holder scale4~54~67~8

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3D back film print machine plan Reviews
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