0.3mm tempered glass screen protector
0.3mm tempered glass screen protector
0.3mm tempered glass screen protector
0.3mm tempered glass screen protector
0.3mm tempered glass screen protector
0.3mm tempered glass screen protector
0.3mm tempered glass screen protector
0.3mm tempered glass screen protector

0.3mm tempered glass screen protector

Mietubl 0.3mm tempered glass screen protector 4 hours tempered time, 9H hardness, low price and high quality.

Product Type:
Tempered glass screen protector
  • Anti-scratch,
  • Ultrathin,
  • High Transparent,

0.3 mm ultra-thin thickness

Made with high quality 0.33 mm thick premium tempered glass with rounded edges exclusively for cellphone.

Ultra-thin 0.33 mm thickness is reliable and resilient, and promises full compatibility with touchscreen sensitivity

ultra-thin thickness

2.5D Radian Edge

Smooth Safety cut-out around the edges, perfectly matches the contours of your device.

2.5D Rounded Edges design perfect decrease the damage, and perfect attach onto your device with the best visual effect.

2.5D Radian Edge

True to life color

Ultra-clear high definition with 99.9% transparency to allow an optimal, natural viewing experience.

These completely transparent protectors provide the native HD iPhone experience.

It’s like it's not even there!

True to life color

9H hardness, wear resistance and scratch resistance

With special steel processing, tempered time over 4 hours, hardness is up to 9H, which can effectively ease the impact force and protect screen from scratch of sharp objects, scratches, wear, blast.

9H hardness can effectively protect your phone from unwanted scratches and friction from keys, knife and other harmful factors.

9H hardness

Smooth, silky feel

Smooth, silky feel – the precise fit of the iPhone screen protector gives it a very smooth feel.

Maintains the original touch experience. Not interfere with the touch responsiveness of your device.

Smooth, silky feel

High quality AB glue

Wide range of AB glues for easy, bubble-free application

Japan quality AB glue. Very easy to apply, bubbles are excluded automatically.

High quality AB glue

Bubble free

Self-adhering surface to prevent bubble generation for easy installation

Place it on the phone screen and it automatically sucks itself down on the phone.

Bubble free

1. 0.3MM/2.5D High Quality Transparent Glass

2. 4 hours tempered time, 9H hardness, tempered effect reach to be flexible.

3. Dropping water tested pearl. Oil coating protect against oil and water

4. Imported AB glue, smoothly moving.

What is the differences between tempered glass screen protector and hydraulic screen protector2020/7/2 11:35:24

1. Different material

The hydraulic screen protector is a honeycomb structure with super toughness TPU material. Due to its relatively soft material, it can only play a scratch-resistant role on the mobile phone screen, and does not have a buffering effect against falling; is made of tempered glass, covered with multiple layers of protective coating, which has high hardness, and is also resistant to abrasion and scratches. However, due to its thick thickness, it is not suitable for curved screens and fingerprints under the screen. Used in models;

2. Different application

The hydraulic screen protector is suitable for curved screens, because it is equivalent to a soft film, so it will not be warped, but the hardness and wear resistance are not as good as the tempered glass screen protector.

3 Different drop resistance

The tempered glass screen protector is more drop-resistant than the hydraulic film, which can prevent the glass panel from breaking due to accidental impact of the mobile phone, reduce the hidden damage of the glass panel, and protect the user's safety. At the same time, it prevents accidental scratches and affects the appearance of the phone

What is the 0.3mm thickness of the mobile phone tempered screen protector?2020/5/4 11:25:09

For the products, the main components are tempered glass + AB glue OCA coating + fingerprint oil coating. These 3 main components combined thickness is more than 0.3mm. Usually we only refer to the thickness of the glass raw material. 0.3mm is means that we use raw material of glass in thickness of 0.3mm, 0.4mm means that use raw material of glass in thickness of 0.4mm, not the thickness of the finished product.

Do you have any other more models?2020/4/23 10:54:11

Yes. We have full range screen protector products for different brands & different models, We list some hot-selling models here,if you need other models of the same series,please contact our staff,we strive to make one-stop service for you!

What is the minimum order quantity for OEM customized?2020/4/23 10:45:03

For OEM orders, the minimum order quantity will be from 2000 pieces per model. If the customized model is in our database, Mietubl will arrange production according to our data, and provide drawings to customers for confirmation before production.

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