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Portable power station

84000mAh high power portable power station, multiple charging ports, support DC and AC charging

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Portable power station Introduction

Ideal power supply for short trips.

Mietubl MTB-OD02 Portable power station can be recharged repeatedly, and can provide you with continuous and stable power supply in outdoor environment.

MTB-OD02 Portable power station

Long-lasting power supply

With high power up to 300W,The portable power station can provide continuous power supply for your equipment, it can charge 6-8 times of for drones, or fully charge 15-25 mobile phones, or provide 65 hours of battery life for laptops. And other larger power demands.

Long-lasting outdoor power supply

Automotive battery-level cells

Phylion lithium battery provides a long standby time, the product will not have obvious discharge even if one is not used for more than 1 month. Can be started and work easily, even in extremely low temperature or high temperature,

Portable power station

Compatible with 95% equipments

Including 2 USB ports,1 PD port that supports PD fast charging protocol, and 2 AC ports, and 2 DC ports, that can provide stable power supply for up to 7 devices at the same time. like mobile phones, cameras, projectors, laptops, electric ovens, etc.

Off grid power station

Light and small

The power station is small and space-saving, can be easily put into a backpack. Power supply anytime, anywhere will greatly improve living experience, make journey more enjoyable.

Small portable power station

Fast recharge

It takes only 3.5 hours to refill with AC input, and provide you with good lighting and green, clean energy when outdoor.

Mobile power supply

Portable power station applicationsPortable power station applicationsPortable power station applications

Portable power station Specification
NamePortable power station
BatteryPhylion three element lithium battery cells
Size245 mm * 120mm * 145mm
Rated energy84000mAh 3.7V
InputCC/CV 15V/6A
AC output110~240V/60HZ、220V/50HZ
DC output2V/10A(Max)
PD output25W
Operating temperature-20℃ ~ 60℃
USB outputUSB 1:5V/2A
USB 2:(QC3.0)5V/3A,9V/2A,12V/1.5A
Rated power300W
What battery type used in portable power station MTB-OD01,MTB-0D02,MTB-0D03?2023-12-08 12:31:19
The battery used in portable power station is three-element lithium battery cells.
When will I receive my orders?2023-04-24 17:43:14
For regular orders we have sufficient stock, for bulk orders, it takes 7–14 days for production. Shipping times may vary by region and shipping method. If you need a specific time, please provide us with the shipping destination, and our staff will reply you with the shipping time you need.
What’s in the box?2023-04-24 17:36:21

The product comes with a portable power station, 1 AC Adapter, 1 Power Cord, 1 User Manual. Welcome to contact our team if you need more details.

How many Watts does a portable power station use?2023-04-12 11:37:01

The amount of watts a portable power station uses depends on the capacity and the devices it is powering. Portable power stations come in a range of sizes, from small ones that can output around 150 watts to larger ones that can output up to 3000 watts or more. Typically, a portable power station will have multiple outlets with different wattage ratings, such as USB ports for small devices and AC outlets for larger ones like laptops or appliances. When using a portable power station, it's important to check the wattage ratings of the devices you're powering to ensure that they are within the capacity of the power station and won't overload the system.

Is the portable power station reliable?2023-03-17 16:45:41

The portable power station has advantages like large capacity, multi-device compatible and safe. Electronic devices such as rice cookers, kettles, lights, laptops are all supported on portable power stations. The car-level batteries and the built-in power control system can provide guarantee for the safety of the equipment. It is worth taking when hiking, camping or working outside.

How should I recharge the portable power stations?2023-03-05 16:52:09
There are multiple ways to recharge the portable power station, you can charge it in a normal way with the original AC charging adapter, or recharge with solar panels. It is recommended to recharge with solar panels, that can have steady stream of clean energy.
Is outdoor power station safe?2023-01-05 15:20:29

The lithium batteries used in the outdoor power station are made of ternary materials, which are characterized by light weight, small size, long cycle life and stable performance.

According to statistics, ternary material lithium batteries are still the most stable and reliable batteries in the world. It is widely used in devices like hearing aids, mobile phones, bracelets and vehicles, and become an essential. The capacity of ternary lithium batteries have made great progress, due to more and more companies join the industry.

What are the application of portable power station?2023-01-05 15:01:05

The portable charging station has the characteristics of light weight, high capacity, high power, long life. Which can not only meet the charging needs of electronic devices, but also can supply power for laptops, drones, projectors, cookers, fans, kettles, cars and other devices through DC and AC outputs. It is ideal for scenes that need power supply, such as outdoor camping, live broadcast, outdoor construction lighting, camping, climbing, and home emergency use

How long can a power station run?2022-12-23 11:06:01

The running time of the portable power station mainly depends on two factors, the battery capacity of the mobile power station and the power of the devices.

For the same equipment, the running time increases with the higher power of the portable power station.

For the same portable power station, the lower the power of the device, the longer running time of the power station.

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Reviews for Portable power station
Very useful

This small portable power supply can tide me over in case of sudden power outage.

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