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Outdoor power station

The 45000mAh outdoor power station is suitable for daily use and camping, supports multi devices charging at the same time.

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Outdoor power station Introduction

MTB-OD01 outdoor power station

MTB-OD01 outdoor power station is small and suitable for various situations when it is impossible to charge electronic devices.

Portable outdoor power station

Small and light

The MTB-OD01 outdoor power station adopts a compact structure design, which can be easily put into a backpack, bringing a better experience for the journey.

MTB-OD01 outdoor power station

Compatible with various devices

The large capacity outdoor power station is widely compatible with various devices that need power supply, whether it is a computer, camera, mobile phone, drone, mini refrigerator, coffee machine or RV lighting.

Supported Devices


Built-in multiple protection chips to prevent damage to the mobile power station caused by overvoltage, overload, short circuit, and over temperature scenarios.

Mobile Power Station Protection Chip

Multiple charging ports

The outdoor power station has multiple charging ports, supports USB QC 3.0 fast charging, 220V/180W AC charging, and 12V DC charging, and can charge multiple devices at the same time.

Power station charging ports

Various Lighting Modes

MTB-OD01 outdoor power station comes with LED lighting, with multiple lighting modes, in an emergency, it can be used as an SOS signal light or to drive away wild animals.

Power station lighting


Outdoor power station applicationsOutdoor power station applicationsOutdoor power station applications

Outdoor power station Specification
NameLarge capacity outdoor power station
Size90 mm * 115mm * 190mm
AC output110~240V/60HZ、220V/50HZ
DC output2V/10A(Max)
USB outputUSB 1:5V/2A
USB 2:(QC3.0)5V/3A,9V/2A,12V/1.5A
Rated power166.5Wh
Lithium battery energy45AH/3.7V
Operating temperature-20℃ ~ 60℃
Charging input15V/2A
LED light power1W
WaveformModified sine wave
Rated power180W Max
What battery type used in portable power station MTB-OD01,MTB-0D02,MTB-0D03?2023-12-08 12:31:19
The battery used in portable power station is three-element lithium battery cells.
What’s in the box?2023-04-24 17:36:21

The product comes with a portable power station, 1 AC Adapter, 1 Power Cord, 1 User Manual. Welcome to contact our team if you need more details.

What capacity should I choose when buying portable power supply ?2023-03-17 17:12:49

Which capacity power bank is perfect for you depends on what kind of device you want to run and how long it needs to last. You can get a similar result through some simple maths calculations, this is would be helpful for you when decision-making. Larger capacity means longer battery life, for instance, a 500Wh portable power station can run a 100Wh device for 5 hours, or two 50Wh electronic devices for 5 hours.  And the result will become 2.5 hours, if the power of the device is 200Wh. But please note that this is only a theoretical data, the hot spot when the device is running will also consume energy. According to industry standards, you will get a result of about 90%, which means that you will get a result slightly lower than the calculated result in use.

How should I recharge the portable power stations?2023-03-05 16:52:09
There are multiple ways to recharge the portable power station, you can charge it in a normal way with the original AC charging adapter, or recharge with solar panels. It is recommended to recharge with solar panels, that can have steady stream of clean energy.
Is outdoor power station safe?2023-01-05 15:20:29

The lithium batteries used in the outdoor power station are made of ternary materials, which are characterized by light weight, small size, long cycle life and stable performance.

According to statistics, ternary material lithium batteries are still the most stable and reliable batteries in the world. It is widely used in devices like hearing aids, mobile phones, bracelets and vehicles, and become an essential. The capacity of ternary lithium batteries have made great progress, due to more and more companies join the industry.

What are the application of portable power station?2023-01-05 15:01:05

The portable charging station has the characteristics of light weight, high capacity, high power, long life. Which can not only meet the charging needs of electronic devices, but also can supply power for laptops, drones, projectors, cookers, fans, kettles, cars and other devices through DC and AC outputs. It is ideal for scenes that need power supply, such as outdoor camping, live broadcast, outdoor construction lighting, camping, climbing, and home emergency use

Can the power station be used in a RV?2022-12-23 11:14:18

Yes, the mobile power station has multiple sockets of AC, DC and USB, can provide power supply to mini fridge, oven, microwave oven, projector, also can be used for outdoor lighting,,which is an ideal choice for outdoor camping or short trips. If you are using it in a RV, it is recommended to choose a high-power model.

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Reviews for Outdoor power station
Suit for devices who need a massive amount of power

The portable power generator came extremely well-packed, it provides reliable power for all my devices.

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