Pros and cons of common Bluetooth speaker audio decoding

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Audio decoding technology is the process of converting digital audio signals into analogue audio signals. In digital audio devices, the audio decoder is responsible for converting digital audio data into analogue voltage signals so that Bluetooth speakers can reproduce sound.

Here are the key points:

Digital-to-Analogue Conversion (DAC): This is one of the fundamental processes of audio decoding. Digital audio data is stored in binary form and needs to be converted into analogue voltage signals by a DAC so that speakers or headphones can produce sound.

Audio Coding/Decoding: In digital audio devices, an audio codec compresses and decomposes audio signals. The encoder compresses the original audio data into smaller data sizes for efficient storage and transmission. At the same time, the decoder decompresses the compressed data into the original audio signal for playback or processing.

Decompression Algorithms: Audio decoding technology employs various decompression algorithms to decode compressed audio data. These algorithms can be proprietary or open standards such as MP3, AAC, FLAC, etc. Decompression algorithms are responsible for restoring the quality and accuracy of the original audio signal, ensuring users enjoy high-quality audio experiences.

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The following are some commonly used audio decoding technologies in Bluetooth speakers:

SBC (Subband Coding): SBC is the default codec for Bluetooth audio streaming and is widely supported across devices.

AAC (Advanced Audio Coding):AAC is known for its higher audio quality compared to SBC. It's commonly used in Apple devices and is supported by many Android devices as well.

AptX (including AptX Classic, AptX HD, AptX Low Latency): AptX is a proprietary codec developed by Qualcomm, aiming to provide high-quality audio with low latency.

LDAC (Sony's Lossless Digital Audio Codec):LDAC is a high-resolution audio codec developed by Sony, designed to deliver higher-quality audio over Bluetooth connections.

You can quickly go through the following table for the Pros and cons of common Bluetooth speaker audio decoding

SBCIt offers good compatibility and is widely supported across devices.Compared to other codecs, it may provide lower audio quality.
AACAAC generally provides better audio quality, especially at higher bitrates.Some older devices may have limited support for AAC.
AptXAptX codecs generally offer higher audio quality and lower latency compared to SBC and AAC.Devices need to support AptX to take advantage of its benefits, and it may not be as widely supported as SBC or AAC.
LDACLDAC supports high-resolution audio and offers better audio quality compared to SBC and AAC.LDAC may not be supported by all devices, and it can consume more bandwidth, affecting battery life.