Will regular USB-C cables work with iPhone 15

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  • 2023-08-26 15:37:19
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Apple Inc will bring a brand new iPhone 15 series in September this year. News from different sources has confirmed that the new iPhone 15 series will be equipped with a new USB-C port, which has faster data transmission speed and higher durability.

The Lightning port has always been considered one of the most iconic features of Apple products, but according to the requirements of the European Union, electronic products such as smartphones and tablet computers that will be sold in EU countries should feature with USB-C port, By the close of 2024. This regulation will necessitate Apple to shift from the native Lightning to a faster USB-C port,so that the upcoming iPhone 15 can still be sold in the EU market after the charging port-related scheme takes effect.

Will USB-C cables for Android work with on iPhone 15

Switch from Lightning port to USB-C doesn't suggest Apple will forgo its distinctive iPhone Lightning ecosystem. Rumours support, Apple will use unique charging components to identify different charging cables and adapters, and restrict the use of uncertified third-party accessories, thereby safeguarding mobile phones and users. This means that the TYPE-C data cable for Android mobile phones may not be fully functional on the iPhone 15. Standard USB-C cables could likely provide only basic functionality, extra features, like high-speed data transfer or fast charging, will only be available with Apple-approved cables.

USB-C charging cable

There have been some leaked images of a dedicated USB-C charging cable designed for the iPhone 15. The cable seems to mirror the design of the current MacBook data cable and appears to utilize a more robust and durable weaving technique.

With the specific specifications and functions still unclear, rumours suggest that we might see cables in a variety of colors, matching the iPhone hues.

Will the USB-C data cable included in the iPhone 15 box?

Unfortunately, the USB-C cable for the iPhone 15 might not be part of the standard package, which means that consumers may need to purchase an additional USB-C data cable for the iPhone 15. This wouldn't be the first time Apple sell their accessories as separate purchases.We have got to know this until the new iPhone release.