How to update the designs in the screen protector machine?

  • Mietubl Global Supply Chain (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.
  • 2022-11-25 20:51:41
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Model updates for electronics are so fast, that it is not easy to keep up with the latest models. This will also lead to a fact that finding the right size screen protector is a difficult job. Mietubl has found the solution to this issue and has introduced the screen protector cutter machine.

Based on cloud server, the screen protector machine are able to get the latest model at a very short time. But how?

There are two different data storage modes based on different system versions—the Online and offline modes.

For the first online mode, all templates are stored on a remote server, when a new cut is made, it has to download templates from the server, When refreshing the page, the server will respond with the full list of models. As new models become available, these new models will also be included in every response, that all machine have new models without any synchronization. This mode is adopted by Mietubl MTB-CUT 180T screen protector machine, that the screen protector machine will always have the latest designs.

MTB-CUT 180T screen protector machine

For the second offline storage mode, all machines will keep a backup of the database locally. When a new cutting occurs, the machine will load the data that has been stored locally instead of downloading files from the server. Therefore, even in an environment without Internet, the machine will also work. But the data is not automatically downloaded from the server, so manual update operation is essential. The offline storage mode is applied to the MTB-CUT M188 screen protector machine, the update option can be found in the settings page and the password for update is 1212.

MTB-CUT M188 Screen protector cutter machine

Data update

Although trying to maintain a full database, sometimes we have to face the fact that some model and designs are difficult to have. Therefore, it cannot be added to the model list.