What printers does the MTB-CUT M188 hydrogel film cutting machine support?

  • Mietubl Global Supply Chain (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.
  • 2022-09-13 17:48:58
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Tired of choosing from the few back film patterns provided by the factory? DIY back film may be a fantastic option for you. By connecting the MTB-CUT M188 hydrogel film cutting machine with a printer, you will soon unlock the function, by which you can customize mobile phone back skins.

MTB-CUT M188 hydrogel film cutting machine

With the DIY function, you can upload pictures or photos from your mobile phone and print them out on a blank rear film in just 20 seconds. Looks cool, doesn't it? There are a certain list of the printer models that are supported, and Canon G580, G680 is mainly recommended.

RecommendedCanon G580、G680
Canon MB seriesMB5400 、MB5100、MB2700 、MB2100
Canon IB seriesiB4100
Canon TS seriesTS9000、TS8000、TS6000、TS5000、TS8180、TS9100、TS9180、TS8100、
TS5380、TS8380、TS6300、TS6380、TS7330、TS8300、 TS8380、TS6330、
Canon MG seriesMG3000
Canon E seriesE470、E3100、E300、E4200、E3300、 E3400
Canon TR seriesTR8500、TR8530、TR8580、TR7500、TR7530、TR9530、TR4500、
TR703、 TR150、 TR7000、 TR7600、TR8600、TR8630
Canon XK seriesXK70、XK50、XK80、XK60、XK90
Canon G seriesG5080、 G6080、G6000、G5000、G7080、 G7000、G3020、 G3060、G580、G680
Canon GM seriesGM2080、GM2000、GM4080、GM4000
Canon PRO seriesPRO-1000 v1.1、 PRO-200、PRO-S1、 PRO-300 、 PRO-G1
Canon GX seriesGX6000、GX7000

DIY function of the hydrogel machine

Please note that as a source supplier, we offer several models of hydrogel machines. Only MTB-CUT M188 hydrogel screen protector machine support direct connecting to printers. For other screen protector cutting machine models, please consult our technicians. And when you connect the MTB-CUT M188 hydrogel film cutting machine with the printer, please make sure they are in the same WIFI.