New arrival! Shiny Diamond back films

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  • 2022-05-15 17:54:56
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Among the many trend elements, the shiny diamond has always a favorite of girls. Refraction of light based on different angles. Giving the product a futuristic and fashionable sense of surreal imagination. It is a temptation that fashion bloggers can never refuse, and have a place in fashion hotspots whenever it is.

After continuous iteration and appearance design, the role of mobile phones is now the same as precious jewelry, and it has also become one of the decorations for girls. Combining mobile phones with trendy aesthetics can be a fun and valuable challenge.

Mietubl's new shiny diamond series back film is inspired by trend aesthetics. With advanced fashion vision and unique aesthetics, it breaks the shackles of ordinary monotonous colors and gives mobile phones a total new viewing experience. Viewed from different angles, the surface changes like a river of stars.

Shiny Diamond back filmsShiny Diamond back films

The new product has a size of 180 mm * 120 mm and 10 different colors. Which can meet the requirements of most mobile phone models. Through the intelligent film cutting machine, you can DIY your own mobile phone back film.

More importantly, the product is easy to use and replace. Using it is as easy as putting a screen protector on your phone, and it can be replaced.

Such a wonderful product will make you more eye-catching, no matter whenever it is and wherever you are.

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