Rare opportunity to get a free MTB-CUT M188 screen protector machine

  • Mietubl Global Supply Chain (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.
  • 2022-03-30 12:14:53
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Mietubl is running a limited-time promotion on the MTB-CUT M188 screen protector machine

According to statistics, the current intelligent film cutting machine products have covered more than 300 brands around the world, have more than 24,000 templates, an average of one cutting record is generated every second, and the highest cutting record of a single machine has exceeded 70,000 times.

And now is your chance to get a free MTB-CUT M188 screen protector machine, if you order 10000 pieces of hydrogel screen protector sheets. The promotion will run from April 1st to 30th.

As a new model, the features of MTB-CUT M188 screen protector include:

1. Stylish design and portable

2. Unlimited cutting times

3. Super quiet

4. Independent from the network, it can run normally without the network.

Despite it’s small, the machine support cutting screen protector under 11 inches, covering front and rear protectors for cellphone, tablets, smartwatches, Cameras and PSPs. With various functional cutting materials, you can produce various types of mobile phone protective films with different functions through one machine.

Another feature highlight is that you can connect the screen protector machine with a specified model of printer, and upload exquisite pictures, print and cut them out.

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MTB-CUT M188 screen protector machine