Ambilight, 3D Dazzle Color Back film

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  • 2021-12-07 12:01:55
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Vision is the first feeling of human, while color is the most eye-catching in vision. Variety of color changes brings associations and change human spirits. The new product of Mietubl, The 3D dazzle color back film with keep you up to fashion with color.


Unlike ordinary transparent back film and 3D embossed back film, the 3D dazzle color back film has the advantages of two kinds of back films. Which can reflect the color of the back of the mobile phone itself as well as the texture effect of 3D. The rich luster and the uneven texture give the color a strong sense of flow. Viewing from different angles, the various brilliant colors are constantly changing and blending with each other. Not only is it beautiful, but it also feels good to the touch.

3D dazzle color back film

The universal material is suitable for all mobile phones model, with the screen protector cutting machine, you can make mobile phone back film for any cellphone models within 20 seconds. In order to meet the requirements of large-size mobile phones, this new back film has increased the size from the original 180 mm * 120 mm to 190 mm * 120 mm.  

3D dazzle color back film

As many as 30 texture patterns allows more options. Even in the dazzling array of mobile phone accessories, a product with rich appearance will still eye-catching for young people who are highly sensitive to fashion, that you can not miss such wonderful product.

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