New model: Tablet screen protector for Mi Pad 5

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  • 2021-12-07 11:50:41
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Xiaomi released its new tablet Mi Pad 5 on August 10th, the new tablet uses a narrow width design. The screen is an 11-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 2560*1600 and a high refresh rate of 120Hz. The 16:10 screen is closer to the popular 16:9 video format. Compared to the iPad's 3:2, there will be fewer black bars when watching videos.

This new tablet feature with a screen that supports the hardware anti-blue light, which reduces the amount of harmful blue light at the material level , and avoid the color cast caused by the traditional "software anti-blue light" function. For such products, a 9H HD screen protector is sufficient.

Tablet screen protector for Mi Pad 5
Mietubl tablet screen protector for Mi Pad 5/ Pad 5 Pro

The surrounding frame is designed with a straight edge, which is very similar to the iPad Pro and supports side fingerprint unlocking. With a stylus that can be attached to the side, the application of the new tablet is extended. Whether it is taking notes or simple drawing, it has a good experience.

Paper-like screen protectr

Mietubl Paper-like screen protector, ideal for drawing on tablets

(Only iPad model available )

AG frosted material is used on the back. The frosted material not only makes it more recognizable, but also significantly improve the hold feel. Besides that, gradient processing is also used on the back. The overall thickness of the fuselage is about 8.13 mm and the weight is about 510g.

There are 3 products for the Mi Pad 5 series. The basic Mi Pad 5 with start price at $308, Mi Pad 5 Pro with enhanced audio, Wi-Fi and performance start price at $386, and Mi Pad Pad5 Pro 5G with larger memory, stronger camera and built-in 5G connectivity.

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