New product in July:Paper like screen protector

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  • 2021-12-07 11:46:28
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The iPad is a powerful invention, by using Apple Pencil you can turn your iPad into a creative office tool. Whether you are drafting, writing notes or conceiving a huge idea. By quickly write it down, you can keep inspired. However, it is not a pleasant experience writing and painting on smooth glass. The new product of Mietubl allows you to have a better writing experience on your iPad and enjoy the convenience brought to you by electronic products.

Mietubl launch its new product paper like screen protector in July.

Artists who are passionate about environmental protection love writing and drawing on iPad, because it is paper less. But they don't like the slick surface and the terrible writing experience. Paper like screen protector get rid of the problem by increasing friction and allows creators to write and draw as they would on paper.

The surface of the new paper like screen protector is specially treated with precise touch and anti-glare. You can enjoy a clear view even under strong sunlight.

Excellent anti-fingerprint ability can save you from worrying about fingerprints and protect your Apple Pencil, whether you are watching a video on YouTube or reading a book.

Paper like screen protector

Magnetic attraction technology is used for installation, the paper like screen protector can be repeatedly installed and disassembled, when you are off clock, you can take it off and carry it with the folder package.

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Paper like screen protectorPaper like screen protectorPaper like screen protectorPaper like screen protector