What cause the screen protector machine did not cut through

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  • 2021-12-07 11:39:22
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When using the screen protector machine, the ideal situation is to just cut the screen protector without damaging the white base film, but sometimes the screen protector machine did not cut through the film. There are mainly three possibility, too low at cutting scale, too low in pressure and knife wear.

Take a deep look at the film we use for cutting, you will find it have 4 layers, the white base film, the auxiliary layer, the use layer and the release film layer.

Screen protector machine

The main purpose of the white basic film layer is to protect the used layer. Generally, for accurately, it is necessary to increase the coefficient of friction between the film and the machine. To prevent deviating during the cutting. Therefore, cutting material with good quality use rougher back texture.

The use layer is the main difference between materials. In order to achieve various functions, thickness and hardness will be significantly different. Generally speaking, the thicker the material, the deeper the cut. The greater the hardness, the higher pressure. For example, the scale and pressure used for cutting HD clear film will be greater than that of explosion-proof film.

Adjust the scale

We recommend that the scale of knife used for cutting is 5 and cutting pressure 300 by default, the setting can meet most material. However, in some case, The blade may wear out, so replace a new blade and adjustment of ±1 scale can be carried out.

In some cases, the problem may happen when the thimble of knife holder is artificial adjusted, so you need to calibrate the knife holder. Normally, the blade is just parallel to the top of the knife holder when the scale is 0.

Screen protector machine blade

Adjust pressure

As mentioned above, the harder the material, the higher the pressure requirements. If you can not cut through a harder film. You can try to increase the pressure by 50. However, it is not recommended setting the pressure above 500, cause there are few materials that require such high cutting pressure, and this will increase the wear of the parts.

Cutting pressure

Incidentally, the knife pressure of the screen protector machine is controlled by an electromagnet, it is recommended to check the power adapter and power supply while increasing the pressure, to rule out the cutting knife pressure that is far below the normal value due to the low voltage.

If the screen protector machine still not cut through after checking the scale and cutting pressure, welcome to contact our technical colleagues for more information.