New functions have been added to Mietubl screen protector machine

  • Mietubl Global Supply Chain (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.
  • 2023-02-09 15:16:06
  • 6346

Under the principle of "Make it easier to use", we continuously upgrade and improve our screen protector cutting machine. Recently, an innovative function have been added to the screen protector cutting machine.

With the newly developed function. You can upload and print patterned back film for your phone.

In other words, you are no longer just choosing from a few patterns, You can print any pattern you want.

How it works?

If you want to customize your own back film pattern, you need a screen protector film cutting machine, a computer and a printer.

The following 5 steps help you to finish the customization

1. Upgrade the software of the screen protector machine to the latest version, and install a service support program on the computer;

2. Connect your computer with the printer and insert a dongle (Please contact our agent for the dongle).

3. Select phone model you want to cut back skins, It will show you a QR code;

4. Scan the QR code with your mobile phone, and upload the pictures;

5. Print the picture and cut it on the screen protector machine.

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