Upgrades of screen protector making machine

  • Mietubl Global Supply Chain (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.
  • 2022-01-17 12:09:29
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Mietubl screen protector making machine is a product developed for cutting flexible screen protectors. You can customize different types of mobile phone screen protectors on the machine. As of today, there are more than 10,000 templates in the machine, and it solves the problem of fast update in the mobile phone industry and high inventory pressure. After updated, there are something new we want to share with you.

System version

Operating slow system will drive you mad, as the number of templates increases, it requires faster rendering and display speeds. The operating system of the new screen protector cutting machine has been upgraded from the version 2.0 to 9.0. Which greatly improves the response speed. Not only means that the machine can process more data at the same time, but also a smoother operation experience.

screen protector making machine

HD clear screen upgrade

The new film cutting machine replace the 5-inch LED screen with a 6-inch high-definition screen. Text and picture details are able to display. The size increase make it easier to use, reducing user misoperation.

Automatic feeding

The upgrades of the screen protector machine adds an optional automatic paper feeding function. Place the film in place, the roller will automatically align the film. This will be very interesting if you are someone want to have a machine with automation, the new function will definitely satisfy you. Of course, if you prefer to enjoy the pleasure of manual operation, you can also turn off this function in the control panel.

Automatic feeding function

Size adaptive

Mietubl smart film cutting machine can be used to cut mobile phone screen protector, mobile phone back skin, tablet screen protector and various protective film. All of which have differences in size. Switching between different sizes is a very troublesome task. The upgraded screen protector making machine is able to adaptive between different film sizes.

No matter it is cutting watch screen protector or a tablet protective film, you only need to place the film correctly, no longer need to switch size setting. Of course, if you enjoy the fun DIY, you can still have this happiness. By setting different parameters, DIY can customize the effect to your satisfaction.

screen protector cutting machine size adaptive

More language support

In addition to functional upgrades, we have also increased the number of supported languages, from the original 6 languages to 17 languages , including Chinese, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian, German, French, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Japanese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Korean, Malay, Thai, Ukrainian. In other words, to meet the operational requirements of more users.

More language support