Leather texture mobile phone back film

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  • 2021-12-07 10:47:54
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Most of the mobile phone cases on the market are plastic, when playing games, the plastic mobile phone case will affect the heat dissipation. So the mobile phone will get heat very fast. If you have ever come across the same situation, Mietubl leather texture mobile phone back film will undoubtedly satisfy you.

Mietubl new leather texture back film is ideal for customers wanting to create eye-catching cellphone appearance. It has the same texture as leather, the texture draws attention to your image or message in a distinct and creative way. Ultra-thin make it weighs only 10g. It can be easily removed and repositioned so anybody can install independently, when removed it will not leave any traces.

Leather texture mobile phone back filmLeather texture mobile phone back film

Even though very thin, the soft film has a good buffering effect and reduce the damage caused by the impact and friction

How to customize

Through the screen protector cutting machine you are able to install the film on different cellphones, there are more than 9,300 templates in the machine, including mobile phones, tablets, wearable devices and cameras. A simple click can complete the customization in only 20 seconds.

Screen protector making machine

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