Mietubl screen film cutting machine material

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  • 2022-01-17 16:50:05
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You have more than one option when you are look for cellphone screen protectors.

If you are troubled by the fragility of glass screen protector, why don't you think about Mietubl explosion-proof film material.

Take a look at the thin layer of soft film, special design to meet the requirements of different screens, including curved screens. But it has anti-explosion,

Mietubl intelligent film cutting machine material functions.

Stronger impact resistance

The soft material can effectively cushion the external impact to achieve explosion-proof effect. Protect the phone screen from easily broken,

screen film cutting machine material

Auto recover

High flexibility, all tiny scratches can automatically repair.

Fully fit the screen

The material is so thin and fits the screen perfectly, like it is never there. Even mobile phones with large curved screens can achieve a perfect fit.no broken edges. No gaps, no dust entering.

screen protector cutting machine film

Sensitive touching

Not affect fingerprint unlocking, and keep a sensitive touching, allowing you to enjoy a smooth mobile phone experience.

Multiple functions

High-definition materials, matted materials, and anti-blue light materials with different functions, allowing users to enjoy a variety of experience.

Multiple functions