Screen protector support Samsung Note 20 fingerprint unlock

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  • 2021-12-07 13:58:08
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It is reported that by using 3D ultrasonic screen fingerprint recognition technology, the fingerprint recognition sensor area of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is about 17 times larger than that of Samsung S20. The new technology supports two fingerprints at the same time, making it have a faster unlocking speed and more security. As long as the user puts his finger on any position on the lower screen, it can be easily unlocked, which provides great convenience. This is also one of the most important features of Qualcomm's second-generation ultrasonic screen fingerprint unlocking solution.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

The 3D ultrasonic screen fingerprint recognition technology is processed by the underlying hardware. Therefore, whether it is the accuracy or speed of fingerprint recognition, the new one has a significant improvement over the old generation of ultrasonic screen fingerprint unlocking.

The problem is manufacturing of screen protector will be more difficult, as the 0.3 mm glass screen protector does not support the fingerprint unlock of the new cellphone. After the continuous research and testing, we finally find the screen protector that supports Samsung Galaxy Note 20—— the PMMA ceramic screen protector. Which can more effectively solve the problem of insensitive fingerprints.

 Mietubl hot bending ceramic screen protector

PMMA ceramic screen protector also named as Hybrid anti-blasting screen protector. It is a protective film that can provide protection for the whole service life of a can also effectively solve the problem that tempered glass screen protector can't do-fingerprint unlocking and touching.

Moreover, the macromolecule material and the multi-layer composite anti-explosion structure used in the ceramic screen protector are designed so that the film itself has super anti-attack ability, and can achieve the effect of effective explosion protection and safety shielding.

Hot bending make it suitable for big curved edge cellphones, improves the edge chipping to a certain extent and effectively solves the white edge problem of more than 95% of models.

So far by now, we have three type of ceramic screen protector, the HD clear ceramic screen protector, the anti blue ray ceramic screen protector as well as the matte screen protector in the favor of different users.