Differences between screen protector making machine

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  • 2021-12-07 15:07:37
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Now, there are many screen protector making machines, here we will list some differences of screen protector cutting machines on the market. Wish it will be helpful for you.

1.Operating principle

Screen protector cutting machines are currently divided into two types, one is laser cutting, which is mainly used for cutting glass screen protector, and the other is physical cutting, which is mainly used for cutting flexible materials such as TPU . The disadvantage of the laser screen protector making machine is that it needs a larger operating space, and there will be environmental pollution problems. However, screen protection film cutting machines is based on physical cutting methods cannot cut high-hardness materials, such as glass. But it has the advantages of being environmentally friendly and easy to carry, so it is very suitable for mobile phone chain repair shops. It is safer and cheaper.

screen protector making machine

2.Model data

It's easy to understand that the more data, the better. What you need to consider is you are paying for a cube-shaped device without any use, or some smart devices that can really solve the problem. This is a key point before you decided to buy a screen protector making machine.

By now, the Mietubl screen protector cutting machine has data for more than 10,000 models. Covers most of the world's mobile phone brand models, including the new models of 2020. All data is stored in the cloud, free automatically updated

3. Is there a limit of cutting time

Another issue you need to consider is if there is a limit of cutting time. Everyone favors the simplifications, However some screen protective film making machine need cutting credit to maintain the normal operation of the machine. That you are continually paying for the cutting film and the cutting credit, so you should ask yourself is this what you need?

Mention that, you should try our MT180T screen protector making machine, and free for cutting, this is because we have enough confidence in our cutting materials. When you use it, you just need to place the cutting film in the right position and simply click cutting.

4. Accuracy

You should never forget why you bought a screen protector cutting machine, you don't want a machine that can cut thousands of models, but none of them is in the right size.

There are two main factors that affect the cutting accuracy of the screen protector. One is a flat firmly fixed cutting film, any curved bulge during the cutting process will affect the accuracy of the cutting position.In addition, the cut data may be inaccurate due to the slippage of the film. The more the number of pressure shafts, the flatter the cutting film will be, some screen protector making machine in the market with only one pressure shafts and some with 3 or 4.

In one word, the less the deviation in the cutting and moving process, the more accurate the cut data.

Pressure wheel

The pressure wheel ensures that the film is flat

Another factor that affects the cutting accuracy is the control of cutting depth and cutting position. The cutting position requires fine numerical control technology as a support. At present, the control accuracy of our film cutting machine can reach 0.1 mm.

When it comes to the cutting depth, the adjustable physical cutter can allow the cutting of different thicknesses of film materials, and can be used to cut materials of various hardness by controlling the knife pressure.

Like everyone is telling you, never forget what you need, When your focus is on price, performance may not be what you need to care about. When your focus is on ease of use, the amount of the data may not be of any use to you. Here is only some reference for you. And maybe you should try something new, like our screen protector making machine.