Mietubl trademark have been approved in Russia

  • Mietubl Global Supply Chain (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.
  • 2021-12-06 17:53:05
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The "Mietubl" trademark of Guangdong Mietubl holding Development Co., Ltd. has been approved in Russia. This is another successful overseas trademark approved after the European Union, the United States, Mexico, Turkey, Myanmar. It also shows that the products and intellectual property rights of Mietubl are recognized by more and more countries.

Mietubl trademark Russian

"Mietubl" is the abbreviation of "Make It Easier To Use, Better Life". It is not only the trademark. but also the product management philosophy. For a long time, The company insists on creating high-quality, easy-to-use products, satisfying consumers with high-quality products, and realizing mutual benefit with partners.

Mietubl trademark english

As an intangible asset of an enterprise, trademark play an important part of intellectual property. The successful approval of the Russian trademark enable us to obtain the exclusive ownership of the "Mietubl" trademark in more and more countries, becoming the quality guarantee of the brand. At the same time, it is also driving the company to professional and standardized operation, which further improves the competitiveness of the company.

More and more overseas trademarks have been approved, bearing the commitment of Mietubl. We are on the way of internationalization.