Mietubl intelligent screen protector cutting machine

  • Mietubl Global Supply Chain (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.
  • 2023-02-04 11:15:12
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Do you always shop around from mall to mall, looking for your device's screen protector and sadly most of them didn't sell your phone model?

It's okay. Stop wasting your time, energy and money! We can customize over 6300 phone models! Just tell us your phone model!

Intelligent screen protector cutting machine is now available to almost all the devices on the market today!

Introducing the revolutionary Mietubl On-Demand system to customize your own screen protector with over 6300 phone models available! From entry level to premium devices, front and back of mobile, smartwatch, tablet protector and more!

screen protector cutting machine

Mietubl intelligent screen protector cutting machine

Mietubl cutting machine is made from the same protective film material equipped with proprietary “Self-Healing" properties to auto heal minor scratches on the film.

Daily protection against accidental knocks and drops

Strengthen your screen and reduce chances of breaking

Longer lasting. No more frequent changing broken tempered glass.

Mietubl Anti-Shock

Self Healing on Minor Scratches

Super Smooth Coating

Unbreakable Nano-Gel

Compatible with In-Display Fingerprint Lock

Ultra HD Resolution

Easy DIY Installation

Quality Warranty.