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Mobile phones are very common for modern people, in the protection of mobile phone, tempered glass screen protector is one of the most popular mobile phone accessories. Compared with ordinary plastics screen protectors, it has a better anti-scratch effect and better resistance to fingerprints and oil stains. Therefore, the tempered glass screen protector is considered as the second external screen of the phone. If the phone falls, the tempered film can indeed absorb some damage and reduce the probability of broken screen.

According to different product characteristics, tempered screen protectors can be divided into high-definition tempered screen protectors, matte screen protectors, anti-blue-ray screen protectors, etc. But how much do you know about these tempered glass screen protectors. Now let’s take a closer look at the matte screen protector.

The matte screen protector, as the name suggests, has a matte texture on the surface and a unique feel, giving the user a different operating experience.

matte screen protector

Characteristics of matte screen protector

Because of matte texture on the surface, matte screen protector has a good Anti-fingerprint capability, sweat will not remain on the screen surface, and is easy to clean. So matte screen protector it is favored by some game lovers.

However, the optical transparency of the matte screen protector is far inferior to the HD clear screen protector, thus will reduce the brightness of the screen. Especially in the sun.

How does the matte tempered film feel?

Many people think that the matte screen protector must be rough. In fact, the matte screen protector has only a little more resistance than the HD Clear screen protector, and it feels a bit more refreshing, The reason why most users choose the matte screen protector is because of its refresh feel, which is another operating experience.

matte screen protector

Do matte screen protectors reduce quality?

Nowadays, the sanding process is rarely used, and the sandblasting and jade sanding processes are basically used, and the tempered glass can also be processed. Therefore, the current matte treatment will not cause too much impact on the protection performance of the screen protector. You can enjoy the same reliable screen protection as 9H HD screen protector.

How to install matte screen protector

Before you install matte screen protector, you should clean your screen thoroughly. Then peel off the matte screen, paste it to the screen, a good matte screen protector will automatically suck down to the screen. Use a ruler to scrape out the air. Finally, tear off the top protective layer

Is Anti-glare screen and matte screen protector the same?


Anti-Glare Glass product is made by special chemical process. Its characteristic is to make the original glass reflective surface into a matte diffuse reflection surface. Reduce light and shadow, anti-glare product surface has strong anti-corrosion and anti-scratch performance.

matte screen protector

How to choose a matte screen protector

Here are some key points you can refer when choosing a matte screen protector

Wear resistance:

The main purpose of the screen protector is to protect the mobile phone screen, so it must have a certain degree of wear resistance. Especially for some mobile phones with handwriting input, the requirements on the wear resistance of the film are even higher. Generally speaking, the higher the wear resistance of the mobile phone film, the higher the smoothness. The hardness of mainstream screen protectors on the market is 9H.


As we mentioned above, due to the matte treatment, the screen's light transmission has decreased. Different users' experience may be different, so you need to make a choice between light transmission and frost protection.


Generally speaking, easy to install without leave bubbles and with line, there is glue on the back of inferior film, after place on the screen, the screen protector will automatically suck down on the screen.

Differences between matte screen protector and HD clear screen protector

Different uses

HD clear screen protector:Provides a high level of protection for mobile phone screens

Matte screen protector: makes the glass opaque provides new operating experience.

Different Features

1. HD clear screen protector: It has good wear resistance, high hardness and low toughness, reducing the tension on the main screen.

2. Matte screen protectors: Change the smooth surface into a matte surface, making the surface a matte texture.

Different Advantages

1. Tempered screen protector: Offset the stress of the surface layer when subjected to external force, thereby improving the bearing capacity, enhancing its resistance to wind pressure, cold and heat, and impact. When the phone falls to the ground, it can reduce the impact force and reduce the chance of broken screen.

2. Matte screen protector: Matte screen protector can effectively resist fingerprint attack, easy to clean up.

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