Why you need an intelligent screen protector cutter

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  • 2020/12/21 11:47:52
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It is no doubt that the screen protector plays a very important role in the protection of mobile phones. However, there are so many cellphones models, if every model inventory is prepared. It will undoubtedly require a lot of space and capital. It is prone to inventory backlogs and even loss.

How to meet the requirements of various mobile phone users without the need to prepare a large amount of inventory. A better solution is to customize screen protectors of various models at any time when you need it.

Screen protector cutter

Screen protector cutter

Mietubl intelligent screen protector cutting machine is a product develop for cutting various flexible PE films, PU film and other explosion-proof screen protectors.

The intelligent screen protector uses huge cloud database, all data synchronously update in case of network. You will have a full range screen protector model within one machine, and cut any screen protector model in case you want, without the necessary to prepare screen protector inventory for various mobile phones models. No more missing customers for missing models.

There is another advantage, when a new mobile phone model appears on the market, it allows you to get screen protector at the first. In the past, when a new mobile phone model came out, it took 15~30days for delivery before you can get screen protector for the new model. This will waste a lot of money and time. And now all you need to do is turn on your screen protector cutter, connect the machine to the network, and select the latest mobile phone model. Only takes 20 seconds to get the screen protector.

There are more than 10,000 models, and more new model is going on since we keep updating the new data.

In addition to the comprehensive data, the use of the intelligent film cutter is convenient and fast. Either APP operating or touch screen, anybody can learn to use it within 5 minutes, and no professional skills required,

There are only 4 steps you need to do for a new screen protector.


Choose material, there are mainly 4 different materials – HD clear film, matte film, anti Blu-ray film and nano glass film.


Install screen protector, use the pressure roller to firmly fix the material film, the 4-stage pressure bar design allows you to use different membrane materials according to your needs.

Step3: Choose the model you need, click to cut.

Please note that the cutting pressure and speed used for cutting have been set for you to obtain the best cutting results. But it does not mean that these parameters are not adjustable, you can set and adjust the knife pressure and speed required for cutting according to your needs.

Step4:Installing the screen protector

The installation of the screen protector produced by the intelligent screen protector is as simple as ordinary screen protector.

The size of the intelligent screen protector cutting machine is very compact, only 7.8 kg weight and 60 cm*30 cm*30 cm in size, suitable for mobile phone repair shops, chain stores, etc.

If you are feeling tired of endless model updates or suffering from a large product backlog, you will like this powerful,intelligent product. It is time to update your device and enjoy the convenience the intelligent screen protector machine bring you.

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