Screen protector for curved edge phone

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Are screen protectors necessary?

After years of development and technological upgrades, the hardness of the materials used in mobile phone screens is getting higher and higher. Some people say that the hardness of the mobile phone screen itself is high enough, so there is no need to use a screen protector,

However. it has been proven that tempered glass screen protector plays an important role on mobile phone protection, it is still the most effective way to keep your phone away from scratch screen fragmented and many other accidental breaking. On the other hand, for most people, the price of replacing a mobile phone screen is much higher than the price of replacing a mobile phone screen protector. Therefore, this is not a question about whether it is necessary to use a screen protector, but a question of how to protect your mobile phone better.

Curved edge screen protector

Now, there are more and more curved edge screen protector. Mobile phone manufacturers like Samsung and Huawei have successively launched curved screen phones. Compared with ordinary screen mobile phones,the curved screen looks more fashion , the wear rate of this screen is also smaller. The screen curved screen phone use is not only flexible, but also increase the screen ratio.

The increase in the number of curved screen mobile phones has naturally brought about an increase in the demand for screen protectors. The problem is how to find a better way to protect the curved edge.

Curved edge screen protector

Curved screen mobile phone has different screen curvatures. If it is a normal ordinary mobile phone, it is not difficult to find a screen protector. But for curved edge screen phone it is difficult to find a mobile phone screen, the main reason is that the curved screen protector is difficult to fit the mobile phone screen. and if it is not installed properly, it will have problem like white edge?dust accumulation.

Types of screen protectors for curved screens

There are mainly three type of screen protects for curved screen phone

Tempered glass screen protectors

Before the appearance of curved screen mobile phones, Tempered glass screen protectors

have been everyone's first choice. Regardless of transparency, drop resistance or feel, Tempered glass screen protectors are the best of several. However, if it is used to a curved screen mobile phone, the white edge will appear on the edge of the phone for a long time, and as time passes, it will become gray and curved.

But the are some new tempered glass screen protectors like hot bending screen protectors, As the name suggests, the technology is to heat the glass to a pliable forming temperature, and then be pressed into a symmetrical shape. By this process, the glass is shaped to fit the curved screen phones like Samsung and Huawei etc.

Hot bending screen protectors retains the advantages of the tempered glass screen protectors. But hot bending screen protectors requires accurate temperature control, and low in yield. the price is quite high too.

Hot bending screen protectors

Hot bending screen protectors

TPU Screen protector

The TPU screen protector is also one of the screen protectors used in curved phones, TPU Screen protectors have the benefit of ultra-thin?high degree of fit and fine scratches can be repaired by itself. TPU screen protector has good bending performance, so it can perfectly cover the curved edges.

The disadvantage of TPU screen protector is that it requires a high technical level,It is more difficult for ordinary people to install.

UV Screen Protector

UV screen protector may be a suitable choice by now. It is full coverage, and the surface is smooth and completely transparent, without blocking the screen of the mobile phone.

A photosensitizer is added to the specially formulated resin, and the resin is converted from the liquid state to the solid state within a few seconds through UV light curing equipment.

UV Screen Protector

UV Screen Protector

In a simple word,the mobile phone screen is coated with specific UV glue, and then the curved steel film is initially adhered and then cured with UV violet light to achieve a complete fit of the mobile phone screen protector.

In fact, UV lamps have long been used in the field of glue curing and purple flashlights like TANK007 can be used in UV curing.

Of course, there are some disadvantages. When the UV screen protector is torn off, it is easy to have glue residue.

Problems that often occur in the use of screen protector for curved screen

Why there is a white border after screen protector is installed.

when the curved screen is attached to the tempered glass screen protector, the four sides of the screen will be raised, and the screen cannot be completely attached to the screen, resulting in a gap, which is called a "white edge".

No matter what type of screen protector is chosen, the screen needs to be completely cleaned,

If the white edge is not too serious, you can try to use a toothpick dipped in cooking oil to gently repair the white edge, there is a certain chance that it can be eliminated.

Inferior mobile phone screen protector may also lead to white border,Therefore, it is very important to choose a good supplier of screen protector.

NTPU screen protector

NTPU screen protector

Why there is a rainbow after install the screen protector

This phenomenon often occurs in curved screen phones using tempered glass screen protector,Because the screen protector is produced in a high-temperature environment, when it encounters a low temperature that is suddenly copied (such as water), it will cause local transmission unevenness, resulting in rainbow patterns. When the temperature rises and the overall temperature of the film is consistent, the rainbow pattern will disappear automatically.

Due to the characteristics of the curved screen,the production process may also cause rainbow patterns. The middle of the full-screen tempered film is empty, and only the colored parts around it are glued, so after the application, the middle touch part will have rainbow patterns.

Although it is more difficult to install a screen protector on a curved screen mobile phone, it is believed that as the technology matures and product iterations, these difficulties can be overcome.