Introduction Of Matte Screen Protector

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Nowadays, touch screen mobile phones are becoming more. with the development of technology, the materials used in mobile phone screens are getting better and better, and the hardness of the screen itself is also increasing, but we still cannot gnore the role of screen protectors in protecting mobile phones.

In the field of mobile phone screen protection screen protector, due to the changing needs of consumers, in order to meet the requirements of different consumers, types of screen protectors also increasing.

manufacturers have developed a variety of different types of screen protection film products, such as high-definition screen protector, anti blue-ray eye protection screen protectorNTPU flexible screen protector and matte tempered film, etc.

Different screen protectors has is  advantages and disadvantages. Now we talk about discuss matte screen protectors, hope it will be helpful for you when choosing a screen protector

matte screen protector

What is matte screen protector

The matte anti-fingerprint screen protector is one of the most common type functional screen protector. It has a matte texture on the surface and a unique feel, giving the user a different operating experience.

The anti-fingerprint effect is achieved by applying a layer of matte particles on the surface of the screen protector. The larger the matte particles, the more obvious the anti-fingerprint effect, otherwise, the lower the effect. However, the matte particle layer often drops in the clarity of the screen protector.

The larger the matte particle, the higher the blurriness. On the contrary, the particle is small. The clarity becomes higher, but the development of the protective film process at any time can greatly reduce the ambiguity of the matte particle layer through the production process.

Benefits of matte screen protector

The high-definition screen protector has a smooth surface and a smooth hand feeling. However, fingerprints are easy to remain, and it is difficult to clean them once they are stained.

Unlike high-definition screen protector. The biggest feature of matte screen protector is that it has a matte texture on the surface. So that it has a great anti-fingerprint ability,it will not leave fingerprints on the screen, and it is also scratch-resistant. Although it has a slight impact on the display effect, its unique feel can give users a new operating experience.

Benefits of matte screen protector

The difference between HD and matte screen protectors

Attach both HD clear screen protector and matter screen protector to a smooth acrylic plate and observe the reflective effect. The surface of the HD clear screen protector is smooth. Although it has high light transmittance, it still reflects light to a large extent at certain angles. In contrast, the surface of the matte screen protector is like fine particles covered with unevenness, which diffusely reflects all the light, so there is no strong reflected light.

HD screen protector and matte screen protector

Take a look at the lighting effect of the two screen protectors attached to the mobile phone at the same time. The left side is a highly transparent screen protector and the right side is a matte screen protector. It can be seen that the shape of the light source can be basically distinguished on the HD clear screen protector, In contrast, the matte screen protector can only see a contour.

HD screen protector and matte screen protector

The diffuse reflection characteristics of the matte screen protector make it that can resist glare, while the high-transparency screen protector does not have such a function.

Attached the two screen protectors on the mobile phone screen. It can be seen that the display effect of the screen after the HD clear screen protector is installed is almost the same as the screen itself. While the display effect after the matte screen protector slightly blurred.

Why matte screen protector anti-fingerprint?

Fingerprint is that water and oil stains on the hands remain on the surface that is touched, because water stains and oil stains themselves have fluidity, it is difficult to be revealed on the surface of objects with high roughness. It is not non-existent, just hidden in the rough gap.

The principle of the anti-fingerprint screen protector is to decentralize the texture of the fingerprint. When the finger touches the mobile phone screen, it is easy to see the clear fingerprint lines. In order to achieve ideal anti-fingerprint effect, the anti-fingerprint screen protector is made of special materials and special processes to disperse the fingerprints, so that the fingerprint of the mobile phone screen cannot be displayed on the mobile phone, and the user cannot see the fingerprint with the naked eye, even seen with a high-power microscope are also difficult to discern.

The surface of matte screen protector is rougher than ordinary screen protector, so it has a certain degree of anti-fingerprint function.

Matte screen protector

What is the feel of matte screen protector

Many people think that the matte screen protector must be very rough to touch. In fact, the matte screen protector only has a little more resistance than the HD clear screen protectors. It feels more refreshing, which is another operating experience.

Does matte tempered film affect fingerprint unlock

Well, It's hard to say there are many technical principles for the fingerprint unlock function.

Mobile phones like Samsung note10 series are ultrasonic, even if the finger is painted with oil and water, it will do nothing to the fingerprint unlock function. But if it is a mobile phone based on the optical detection technology under the screen, yes, it do have some impact.

But some mobile phone screen protector will not cover the fingerprint unlocking area like Huawei P20 Pro.

What is the light transmittance of matte screen protector

At present, optical glass has the highest light transmittance, and its light transmittance is only about 97%. The transparency of PET film can usually reach 90%, and the transparency of some high-definition films can reach 95%. The light transmittance measured by the LS117 frosted material light transmittance instrument is about 86%~90%