How to distinguish good and bad screen protector

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  • 2021-12-06 17:12:00
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Tempered glass screen protector has the advantage of abrasion resistance, anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint, explosion-proof. As soon as the toughened glass film for mobile phones was launched, it quickly became popular.

Although the mobile phone tempered glass film has been on the market for some time, many people have been confused about how to identify the quality of the mobile phone tempered glass screen protector.

The following will tell you some simple and practical way to distinguish good and bad screen protector.

1. Scratch resistance:

The tempered glass screen protector is not as fragile as the ordinary glass screen protector. A good tempered glass film can be directly scratched with blades, scissors, keys, etc. If the surface is scratched easily, it goes without saying that such screen protector is bad screen protector. A good tempered glass screen protector is difficult to scratch obvious on it.

2. Anti-fingerprint:

For the identification of anti-fingerprint, many people press their finger directly to if there is a fingerprint left. But few people know how to distinguish how good the anti-fingerprint it is. Now, there are two ways to distinguish: dripping and writing!

The surface of the tempered glass screen protector with good fingerprint resistance is water-gathering. Drop a few drops of water on it. The water will not spread out. If it shakes, it will be like mercury rolling on the ground without any traces. Another way is to write on it with a large pen (oil pen). If it has good fingerprint resistance ability, it is difficult to write on it. Even if there is a little trace, it will be completely wiped away without any trace. If the anti-fingerprint property is very poor, it will leave obvious traces and hard to wipe out.

screen protector

3. Explosion-proof:

This is an important thing, not only does this mobile phone screen protector protect the screen, but also your own safety. Everyone knows that glass debris can easily cut people. A piece of qualified tempered glass screen protector is fast more than not easily broken like ordinary glass. Anything may be damaged, not to mention glass! A piece of high-quality tempered glass film will not show any debris after cracking, only cracked lines. It is actually a very irrational way to identify by knocking. You can’t explain all the problems. After all, no one can guarantee the fully control the strength at a balanced point. As we all know, the harder things, the better the flexibility, the stronger the anti-strike ability. We can test by bending and other methods.

4. High degree of fit:

The paste is actually a very particular problem. A good screen protector is always easy to attach. The tempering glass screen protector process can be completely paste unlike ordinary mobile phone screen protectors, which require certain skills. A good tempered glass screen protector can completely fit the screen without leaving bubbles. And the paste is very tight. if you feel that it is not perfect, a piece of tempered glass screen protector can be pasted repeatedly to until you satisfy. If the quality is poor, there will be a problem of low adhesion and bubbles.

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5. Transmittance:

Transmittance can be tested, but it is not so easy to do in every environment, so the simple and direct way is to see. If there is no comparison. As long as there is a comparison, it is easy to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages. There is also a feel. Some tempered glass screen protectors have a delicate touch, which may be better than the original touch screen of the mobile phone.

Again, although there are many types of mobile phone stickers, tempered glass screen protectors are undoubtedly your choice. The above is basically how to distinguish good and bad screen protector.